Asia's "Phoenix" Has Re-risen!
Date: Friday, May 27 @ 15:28:04 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

While this was posted/announced last month, we uh... just noticed the news: Asia announced the re-release of their Phoenix album (though you should not blame them for the headline - that's in us (me, the ed.).

"All four original members of Asia are pleased to announce the re-release of Phoenix, the first album recorded during the reunion of Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer and John Wetton, on the band’s own imprint label Asia Music Ltd, via Cherry Red," they note.

"This re-release features the European Version of the album, the two acoustic bonus tracks from foreign editions and a bonus disc with the American version of the album. The release is now housed in a digipack to match the subsequent releases by the reunion line-up. The re-release also continues to feature the iconic artwork of Roger Dean.

"When first released in 2008, the American edition included a different mix of the opening track 'Never Again' and different mastering throughout. The band was aware that US fans may have a different perception of the album, because of these differences, so it has been included as a bonus disc. As this is on the band’s own label, it was able to control that the wholesale price was only increased by an amount necessary to cover the cost of manufacturing the extra disc."

You can order this new 2CD set at Amazon or via iTunes

[Source: Asia FB page/website]

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