Toyz To Perform At pROCKfest 2007
Date: Sunday, June 10 @ 09:15:33 UTC
Topic: Festival News

On Friday the 9th of November, 2007, ToyZ will be performing at pROCKfest 2007. Other bands included in the line-up are Pallas, Sylvan and many others.

ToyZ is a Dutch instrumental progressive rock band with a signature sound that appeals to many prog-minded lovers of music. Lead guitarist Peter van Heijningen has played with many artists such as guitar virtuoso Joe Stump. He also played some of the lead parts on the first Knight Area CD as a special guest player.

The other band members are equally capable and the total sound is a solid and melodic mix of influences ranging from Dream Theater to Rush to Genesis and Queen. Some short clips are available for play on the ToyZ website.

ToyZ are currently recording their new album which is scheduled for release at the end of this year at the pROCKfest event. The new CD will feature keyboards more prominently but each song will have a healthy dose of guitar playing too, sometimes subtle, sometimes rocking, sometimes just plain dazzling.

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