Echo Us: New Website And Album News
Date: Monday, June 18 @ 05:42:17 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

Ethan Matthews writes, "Well, here we have it.

" has been updated with a new design and soundfiles from the forthcoming album, The Tide Decides. The album underwent a lot of changes, and still there is work to be done regarding artwork and the reality of its full release. The fact that the mixes are done is a major breakthrough, as I tried so many different avenues in this time production wise and conceptually. Sort of like re-learning everything you know, and then some, and then applying it all to reach a conclusion.

"They say a mix is never done, and anyone would keep remixing until they drop dead in the captain's chair. I think that almost happened, but I did reach a conclusion and finally feel solidified.

"Until next time, all the best-

Here is a tracklisting and synopsis:
1. From Snow To Sea
2. We Surfaced
3. Trans-Atlantic
4. State Of Expectation
5. Echo Us
6. The Tide Decides
7. Fantastic Elevations
8. Descending From The Dream
9. Shooting Scenes
10. Out At The Edge Of The World
11. And Sea to Sky (Bon Voyage)

Lever and Pedal Harp: Raelyn Olson
Viola: Teri Untalan
Bass Guitars: Aaron Bell
Drums / Percussion: Andrew Greene
All else: Ethan Matthews

Engineered by E. Matthews
Drum recording engineered by Chris Finster for Geomana Studios

Synopsis: The Tide Decides brings forth a life, living as if it moved in tandem and perfectly parallel with the entirety of human existence. From birth through evolution, to perish or reincarnate The Echo Us concept is of a fantastic nature, but loosely ties to our philosophical ideas and ideals of the new century, and new age.

Echo Us implies the concept of spiritual and human coalescence. It is not intended to be religious or political, but rather describes a philosophy of life and means " to answer", or "to connect."

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