Nuclear Blast Artists On ''In The Name of the King'' OST
Date: Sunday, December 02 @ 23:00:45 UTC
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In follow up to our item last month about Blind Guardian providing the theme song to upcoming movie In The Name Of The King, we share below the complete tracklist from the Original Soundtrack.

The film's cast includes Burt Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Jason Statham, John Rhys-Davies, Leelee Sobieski, Ron Pearlman, Will Sanderson, Claire Forlani (late of CSI:NY), and Kristanna Loken (late of Painkiller Jane) among others. It was directed by Uwe Boll and is based on the The Dungeon Seige video game. Released by Herold Productions and Brightlight Pictures in association with Boll KG Productions. The film opens January 11, 2008.

Tracklist of Original Soundtrack:

01. "Farmer's Son/The Big Battle" (film score)
02. Blind Guardian - "Carry The Blessed Home"
03. Hammerfall - "The Fire Burns Forever"
04. Nightwish - "Amaranth" (nur EUR version)
05. Him - "Wings Of A Butterfly"
06. Sonic Syndicate - "Enclave"
07. Amorphis - "The White Swan"
08. Avantasia - "Lost In Space"
09. The Darkness - "Dinner Lady Arms"
10. Disturbed - "Land Of Confusion"
11. Blind Guardian - "Skalds & Shadows" 12. After Forever - "Energize Me"
13. Dream Theater - "I Walk Beside You"
14. Threshold - "Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams"
15. Pantera - "Cemetery Gates"
16. Epica - "Chasing The Dragon"
17. Soilwork - "Exile" 18. Masodon - "The Wolf Is Loose"
19. "Muriella Dining/Forrest (film score)

[Source: Nuclear Blast, film website]

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