Arti E Mestieri Celebrate 33rd Anniverary With Deluxe CD/DVD Package
Date: Sunday, December 23 @ 04:31:35 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

"It was 33 years ago...

Turin, winter 1973/74, a new band is born and Arti is their name. Later they will become Arti & Mestieri, and today, 33 is the big, deluxe package with which they celebrate their 33rd Anniversary, their 'first 33 years.'

"This unusual celebration, it's in synthony with our research for a certain uniqueness that's been a stable trademark in our artistical life and, at the same time, to do homage to the LP, to Mr. '33⅓.' This limited edition, numbered package will contain:

photo of the actual band
BONUS CARD to get exclusive 'personalized' free audio material, for each buyer."

About the book: "A very peculiar (one more time) unique book: a photographic book, with added numberless 'very intense' excerpts from writers, members of the band. Unified by Beppe's comments and his own tales, stories and historical analysis.

"A book that surely will be watched more than one time, capturing attention with its mix of photos and 'full of images' text."

About the DVDs: IL GUARDarti - "The first of 2 DVDs, with 2 hours of video, in which there are 33 videos, mixing professional and 'amateur' videos, live and studio ones, portraiting the most vital and expressive side of the band [over] the years, with added backstage and moments on the road, without forgetting some moments of pure humour." IL GUARDAmestieri - "The second DVD, with a similar approach and, as [with] the first one, a full length DVD with 33 sections!"

About the CD: IL RICORDarti - "A full length CD, a suite with a unique character: 33 'audio episodes,' never published before, taken from our musical life, live, studio and more, like an 'exhibition' of musical images, and the listener is guided in this promenade by 33 new themes played by actual band. The result is a unique long composition/suite, that's totally original in the way it has been conceived and in its unusual 'united fragmentation' structure.

"We could define it as a movie of bidimensional musical images, Arti & Mestieri's story on one side and a new Arti's path on the other, givin' life to a an unusual long journey, out of time but with a kind of unique, everlasting intention."

About the LP: 33 - "The best of the band, on an LP with the addition of a special bonus track (for the first time a bonus on an LP), that's the very first recording of the whole band of 'Gravita' 9.81,' the seventies item of the band."

Visit the special site set up for this release at learn more about this special release; it has been released by Electromantic Music.

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