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Date: Sunday, December 23 @ 04:38:30 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

"Slaves For Life" new single is out! Exclusively on Amaseffer's official web site at:

"Holy friends, we give you: 'Slaves For Life'! This is the opening track from our first part of a trilogy recounting the Bible story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt.

"On the first album of the trilogy we pick up the story right from the slavery period in Egypt when the new Pharaoh enslaves and oppresses the Israelites with forced labour. This is what we tried to emphasize on this song, the cruelty and ruthless power of the cold hearted Pharaoh and on the other hand the Israeli slaves' desperate cry for deliverance!

The song features Mats Leven (ex-Therion, Krux) on lead vocals, Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land) on lead oriental singing and Erez Yohanan as the Narrator.

"The artwork was hand drawn by Mattias Nor?n. As stated before, each and every track on the album will be presented with its own unique hand drawn illustration, this meant to capture the moment and vision for the songs.

"No release date is yet set for the album. As soon as we find ourselves a record label we will announce it, so as we see it the release is a few months away from us.

Amaseffer camp"

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