Nemesis - Eden?

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Sensory
Catalog Number: SR3015
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:25:00

Right out of the gate I found tremendous respect for this group that calls itself Nemesis. I liked their heavy sound that is instantly comparable to Dream Theater and bands that sound similar. They are from Hungary and they have recently made the effort to re-record their entire catalog with the vocals in English. That is an incredibly ambitious and difficult thing to do.

On Eden? one would never know that their native tongue was Hungarian. I read their press kit after I had listened to their music, so being totally caught by surprise and blown away by this album's origins came as an unexpected event after the fact. I honestly had no idea where they came from and never once detected any accent in the vocals, which I feel is hard to believe.

They use the dark plodding, sometimes speedy, metal guitar with a locomotive rhythm section and swirling layers of ear crunching keyboards, which at times are tastefully sandwiched in between the bombast going on, to give you dose after compelling dose of metal-prog with oodles of oomph and juice to keep you wound up and focused on every track. They also demonstrate that they are talented enough to show their lighter and mellower side with beautiful instrumental passages and full tracks that are step away from the high-level energetic pounding of progressive metal. With a nod to the classical leanings of the genus, "Viragenek (Hungarian Folk Song)," which is sung in Hungarian, is a gorgeous example of their diversity and talent as a group of skilled musicians.

This band needs some more polish and time to develop the mastering process of their music and to boost their overall sound sonically up a few notches. Their sound will be incredible with just a little tweaking. With time, they will be a major force in the realm of progressive metal, and I think it is going to happen very quickly. They may have been headliners in their home country, and I can understand why, but with many heavyweights in the same ring vying for a captive world audience, their competition is fierce. I was very impressed with their energy and professionalism; they are without a doubt ready to take it to the next level. Make sure you visit the band's website to listen to some MP3s and judge for yourself.

In/by 2006, the band changed their name to Age of Nemesis -ed.

Reality's Door (7:05) / Predestination (5:28) / Four Mirrors (6:36) / Eden? (9:32) / Faith (Instrumental) (3:15) / Eternal Circle - I. Journey With Light II. Dismal Sorrow (10:26) / Escape (5:33) / Viragenek (Hungarian Folksong) (5:29)

Chad Bero (Csaba Berczelly) - bass, vocals
Nad Dury (Gyorgy Nagy) - keyboards
Zed (Zoltan) Fabian - guitars, vocals
Les Grand (Laszlo Nagy) - drums
Ian Lamb (Zoltan Kiss) - vocals

Nemesis (1998)
Abraxas (1999)
For Promotional Use Only (promo) (2001)
Eden? (2002)
Terra Incognita (2002, Hungary only)
Age of Nemesis - Psychogeist (2006)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin HU

Added: December 13th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website:
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Language: english


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