Stream Of Passion - Live From The Real World

Year of Release: 2006
Label: InsideOut
Catalog Number: IOMCD 254
Format: CD
Total Time: 99:10:00

Having been a member of Dutch hard rock sensation Vengeance it was a big change for Arjen Lucassen when he decided to quit touring and concentrate on putting together a studio project. With Ayreon he went from strength to strength and it didn't take long before he started writing more hard rock based material, which he released under the moniker of Star One. This enabled him to put together a live band so he could finally go on tour, something he had missed for quite some time. Previously Arjen had done the odd acoustic performance, yet nothing could beat the experience of a real live band. Being a fan of unknown metal and prog metal bands, Lucassen got to hear the band Elfonia. Especially the voice of singer Marcela Bovio intrigued him, so before he knew it, Marcela was staying at Arjen's place, recording the role of "wife" for the next Ayreon project. Joining Marcela on the overseas trip was hubby Alejandro Milan, who proved to be a great keyboard player in his own right. Once The Human Equation was released, people all over the world started raving about Bovio's excellent voice, so instead of a one-off, Lucassen knew the collaboration with his new found goddess would certainly continue.

Loving also the harder edge of the progressive genre as reigned by bands such as Opeth and Pain of Salvation (Pain of Salvation = PoS; Stream of Passion = SoP, a coincidence?), to name but two, Arjen started writing new material with another band in mind, a band with Marcela Bovio as lead singer. In the end, this became Stream Of Passion. With Sony offering the band a deal the band got good coverage all over Europe resulting in an extensive tour. A highlight even saw the band on stage during the famous Bospop Festival in Weert, Holland, which also offered big names such as Sting, Simple Minds, Roxy Music, Alan Parsons and Simply Red. Recorded a little earlier on 17th February 2006 at Lucky & Co in Rijssen, Holland, the recently released double CD (and DVD) lets you witness what kind of an experience Stream of Passion live really is. Accompanied by, amongst others, her sister Diana Bovio as well as Alejandro Milan, Marcela felt at ease delivering some songs from the band's debut album as well as some Ayreon and Star One classics.

The sound of the album is absolutely perfect, bearing in mind that the Lucky & Co probably isn't the best venue where acoustics is concerned. The detailed recording is just about perfect highlighting delicate parts as well as containing rough rocking parts. If we have to point out one example take "Computer Eyes" from the Actual Fantasy album which contains some heavy riffs here. The audience is full of awe and praise and knows when to remain silent such as during the solitary piano outro of "Calliopeia." Shivers run down your spine when Bovio tackles "Valley Of The Queens" from the Ayreon album Into The Electric Castle. In all, the perfect balance is found between Stream of Passion originals and material covering the entire Ayreon output. Some songs are already well known, which makes it easier for the audience to relate to. "Nostalgia" becomes a Mexican affair with Alejandro, Diana and Marcela standing in the spotlight. Sung in their native tongue, this ballad fits in perfectly in order to create an ideal balance. "Out In The Real World" is expanded, giving Marcela the opportunity to introduce the various band members (great bass line). No doubt Lori Linstruth is the favourite of the audience. The actual concert closes with "The Castle Hall" from the Into The Electric Castle album, which once again delivers some nifty guitar playing and ace melodies whilst Marcela addresses the audience in their own language "? ontzettend bedankt ?" (thanks a bunch).

By now the atmosphere in the hall is cooking, but it's way too soon to call it a day. First encore comes from Flight Of The Migrator with "Into The Black Hole" where once again some powerful strings back mighty guitar leads. Because every concert needs to contain something extra, a real surprise, the band has opted to tackle the Led Zeppelin composition "When The Levee Breaks." Not my favourite Zep track, but powerful enough to end the concert on a high. However the audience still isn't happy so Stream of Passion needs to come back for a second time. This time it's the very last song which is pulled from Ayreon's Human Equation album. "Love" isn't exactly the showstopper I was hoping for (even with the short drum solo included), but maybe that was the idea all along, so as to stop the audience from shouting for more. Fans of Within Temptation, Evanescence and After Forever will embrace this live offering as will the many fans of the multi talented Arjen Lucassen. Now let's have a look at their DVD!

Disc One: Intro (1:28) / Spellbound (4:17) / Passion (5:40) / Waracle (6:16) / Wherever You Are (5:33) / Computer Eyes (6:18) / Calliopeia (5:21) / Valley Of The Queens (4:18) / Haunted (4:58) / The Charm Of The Seer (3:11) / Deceiver - Songs Of The Ocean (6:11)

Disc Two: Day One: Vigil (2:02) / Day Three: Pain (5:57) / Nostalgia (3:44) / Out In The Real World (6:31) / The Castle Hall (6:28) / 1st Encore: Into The Black Hole (8:32) / When The Levee Breaks (6:07) / 2nd Encore: Day Eleven : Love (6:18)

Arjen Lucassen - guitar, vocals
Marcela Bovio - lead vocals, violin
Alejandro Milan - piano, strings, vocals
Lori Linstruth - guitar
Johan Van Stratum - bass
Davy Mickers - drums


Diana Bovio - backing vocals
Damian Wilson - vocals

Embrace The Storm (2005)
Live From The Real World (2006)

Live From The Real World (DVD) (2006)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin VA

Added: July 30th 2006
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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