Prototype - Trinity

Year of Release: 2002
Label: World War III
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 43:57:00

Now on a label, Prototype finally puts together their first official album, and yes, with improved production. Three of the songs from the Cloned release reappear on Trinity and to me, those tracks are not really as polished or as well done as the other ones on this CD. The music is crunchy, heavy, partly progressive, and, most of the time, very catchy. Some of the songs can get a bit boring after awhile, but this is a solid release by a band that has the ability to do more.

In the music, there are influences ranging from Metallica and some of the 90s technical progressive and thrash metal bands and even to Rush - to a point at least. To compare them to another modern progressive metal band I would say they sound like Into Eternity (Dead Or Dreaming album) the most, minus the death vocals. Another band they can compare to is Testament, especially with the riffs and clean breakdowns. The instrumentation is executed pretty well, though it is sometimes too noisy for my tastes. No one person really stands out, though the drummer "did" a good job, but they click as one entity. Vocally, Vince Levalois, who also shares the guitar work and plays a few keys on the album, is just average. On many of the choruses, which are rather catchy for the heavy based music, Vince really fits rather well. However, he becomes a bit too nasally in the verse lines, and that's one reason why some of the songs can be a bit boring after a few listens.

Still, with songs like "Live A Lie," the well structured "Relativity," and the head-banging "Trinity," which is preceded by a very cool instrumental entitled "Utopia," Trinity is worth a true "metalhead's" attention. Plus, don't forget another great album cover by Travis Smith. If I could, I would probably give this a 7.5 or an 8, but I have stick to being picky. And, on another day, I will describe my own rating system, but that is probably as confusing as the US electoral process. Whatever the case on rating, this CD is a good, solid effort, but I know that Prototype can do more, especially if they venture out more, musically speaking.

It was released in Europe in 2004 by Massacre Records

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Live A Lie (4:30) / Pure (4:53) / Utopia (2:42) / Trinity (5:01) / Shine (5:13) / By Breeze (2:40) / Dead Of Jericho (6:50) / I Know You (Part I) (2:22) / Mind In Motion (4:49) / Relativity (4:46) / Bonus Tracks EUR version: Half Life (5:19) / Chrysalis (4:19)

Vince Levalois - guitars, vocals
Kragen Lum - guitars
Kirk Scherer - bass
Pat Magrath - drums

Psychosis - Pavement Bound (cass. ep) (1990)
Psychosis - Lifeforce (cass. ep) (1992)
Seed (cass. ep) (1995)
Cloned (CD ep) (1999)
Trinity (2002/2004)
Continuum (2006)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: January 15th 2005
Reviewer: Shawn "Zero Hour" Lakhani
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Language: english


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