Darwin's Radio - Eyes Of The World

Year of Release: 2006
Label: independent
Catalog Number: DR002
Format: CD
Total Time: 57:50:00

Independent music is going to save the music industry. That fact has never been more evident than after listening to England's latest entry into the prog movement, Darwin's Radio. Without the restrictions or constraints of a corporate entity or even a label, Eyes Of The World is an album of musical landscapes that is exactly what the band wanted to write and is free of compromise. Not quite neo-prog and not exactly prog-rock, Darwin's Radio rides a precarious balance between genres, and on that tightrope they create a brand of rock where melody, feel and flow form the foundation and their musical passion bring these songs to life. Through warm and inviting melodies and carefully crafted and personal lyrics these songs come alive with moving musical crescendos and dynamic performances.

The album opens with the nine minute plus tune "Erase...Rewind" which is an amalgamation of the rest of the album in terms of style and dynamics. It begins with pounding drums, a Hammond organ and some crunchy guitar and immediately melds into a piano interlude before returning to the rock guitar and the opening vocals. This song goes between harder and softer parts with seamless ease before ending in grandiose style. "Stronger," the second song shows more of a modern style while retaining their melodic and prog leanings. Not to be solely judged on their rock, they show an introspective and sensitive side with "Windows To Your Soul" and "Amber Skies." These are built around acoustic guitar and piano, further proof of this bands versatility and skill. They end with another epic, "The Vast Within" that also combines several styles with varied instrumentation for the perfect closing song.

Guitarist and vocalist Declan Burke breathes life into this album with his impassioned and heartfelt vocals. Without a better comparison, he reminds one of Richard Marks with his tone, delivery and slightly raspy quality. His projection and range are perfectly suited for these songs and his ability to alternate styles, even within the same song, are impressive and bring the dynamic qualities needed to pull these tunes off. Keyboardist Mark Westworth, bassist Sean Spear [both ex-Grey Lady Down] and drummer David Pankhurst all leave their individual stamps as they are all heavily involved in the song-writing process, and the results are definitely heard in the final product as each instrument is an intricate and essential piece of each song's musical puzzle. Each member is equally adept at changing styles and tempo and are the very definition of a complete band.

It is rare when you discover an album that has all of the qualities you look for. Its bands like this and an album this good that restore my faith in the music industry. Without a trace of pretentiousness or commercialization, Darwin's Radio has written and created music for the sake of music and have raised the bar quite high for future independent bands to reach. There is not one lyric without meaning and not a single note without purpose. Few bands can make that claim and few bands can match their combination of musicianship, passion and melody. Operating outside of any defined genre, Darwin's Radio have created one of the best albums of 2006 and beyond. This is prog, this is rock, this is pure. This, folks, is simply outstanding.

Erase ... Rewind / Stronger / Windows To Your Soul / Glass Tiger's Eye / Lapse Of Sensation / Eccentric Orbits / Amber Skies / The Vast Within

Declan Burke - vocals, guitar
Mark Westworth - keyboards, vocals
Sean Spear - bass
David Parkhurst - drums, vocals

Pictures (ep) (2003)
Eyes Of The World (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: July 13th 2006
Reviewer: Scott Pierce
Artist website: www.darwinsradio.co.uk
Hits: 2935
Language: english


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Darwin's Radio - Eyes Of The World
Posted by prog on 2006-10-05 03:03:21
My Score:

This one is in my top three for the past month the other two Score by DT and Milliontown by Frost. Very good