Ageness - Rituals

Year of Release: 1995
Label: n/a
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:17:00

Summary of history:

Well they seemed to be a mature lot judging from the accompanying leaflet which stated that they played with Anekdoten and they were the headliner and not Anekdoten. The band has risen from the ashes of a band called Scarab.

The album:

Oh-oh, I'm not very pleased with this album. First of all , I knew they were rather like Marillion, but this turns out not to be so much the case. I'd prefer referring to IQ and foremostly Aragon.

My problem with this band is mainly caused by the vocals (yep it's them vocals again). They sound unpleasant and although a bit in the vein of Aragon's Behrsing, not harsh, but more like whining. Anyway this band is quite obviously in the neo-realm and like I said mostly Aragon; they DO have a real drummer.

Unfortunately however most of the tracks are compositionally not that strong although most of the tracks contain some worthwhile ideas it doesn't really shine yet. Going by the tracks one by one, starting at number two, this track is rather commercial and catchy. It's rather powerful, and there's some good playing. The next one is a little boring, while the fourth is again a rocker but progressive nonetheless. With track five I find a reference to Dilemma, with the keyboard and guitar sound. The music is rather standard, but the energy is there. The sixth track is the ballad, a bit in the Genesis vein ("Cinema Show" style), while the next is a bit of a folky tune but rather lame. From then on we get a bombastic track, a bouncy track that has problems getting anywhere and an acoustic ditty. Now we arrive at the main dish of the album, the epic. It sounds a bit like a reworking of the Crucifixion and has some very good parts (especially the start). Still it also contains some more faceless and even cheesy parts, but a good guitar solo comes to the rescue. Good melodies throughout this one.


Not a good release I'm afraid, although I would like to know how it would have sounded with more pleasant vocals. Musically rather standard with some good melodies, but not very refreshing in approach and they owe quite a lot to Aragon.

[This review courtesy Jurriaan Hage Axiom Of Choice who let us reprint it way back in '99 -ed.]

Ritual (0:32) / Forever Returns (6:20) / Chainsaw Murders (4:15) / Freeways (4:26) / Polyphemus (6:35) / Hidden Space (7:20) / Take Us All (3:40) / Silent Partners (4:42) / Problems (4:05) / Ritual II (0:59) / Mortal Wings of Sin II (10:15)

Tommy Eriksson - lead vocals, grand piano, synthesizers, guitars, flute
Jari Ukkonen - bass guitar, bass pedals, backing vocals.
Kari Saaristo - drums, percussion, sea of cymbals, no vocals
Jari Laasanen - hammond organ, assorted synthesizers, backing vocals
Marko Karhu - lead guitars, backing vocals

Showing Paces (1992)
Rituals (1995)
Imageness (1998)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin FI

Added: July 1st 1999
Reviewer: Jurriaan Hage

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Language: english


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