Before Eden - The Legacy Of Gaia

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Hellion
Catalog Number: HEL0451
Format: CD
Total Time: 56:10:00

This is the 3rd release from the Brazilian Prog Metal band Before Eden. Little is known about this band, and upon my first listen to the disc, I was astounded to hear what I thought was incredibly similar in style and sound to early Kamelot. Right out of the starting gate, the first things I noticed were the incredible vocals of Jaison Peixer, who immediately sounded like a combination of Mark Vanderbilt (ex-Kamelot) and none other than the man himself, DIO. The second thing I noticed was the incredibly clear and full production, which I was more surprised to find out that the disc was recorded at the personal studio of guitarist Alessandro Kotlinsky. More on that later.

The style of music that Before Eden plays is what I call "Regal Metal." Very few bands give me that feeling of "royalty" and have a "majestic" atmosphere to the music, and Before Eden fall right into that category. The songs are epic, storytelling, and certainly have that flair that instantly remind of bands like Kamelot, Crimson Glory, etc. The music is definitely what you would find on an early Kamelot disc, such as Eternity, only Before Eden is much more progressive than that. The music is definitely wrapped in a binding of melodic / progressive / power metal. The band is as equally driven by guitars as it is keyboards, and there is little or no soloing or showcasing here. It's a band effort, with an emphasis on songs and storyline rather than musicianship. That is not to mean that these guys aren't talented, but their intent seems to be focused more on the story and melodic atmosphere, and are content to let the vocal pyrotechnics of Jaison Peixer take the stage and lead the way, and rightfully so given his talent. Most of the music is based on driving melodic metal, with just a touch of galloping but mainly mid-range tempo songs that are injected with progressive elements, and solos traded between the guitar and keyboards. Again, think early Kamelot for comparison in musical approach. The disc, a concept, allows you to grab the insert, sit back and enjoy the story as the band leads you through epic after epic. The vocals of Jason Peixer are mesmerizing, with the very melodic keyboards surrounding you in a sea of atmosphere, while the guitars usually provide the various tones of intro and intensity.

Vocalist Jason Peixer is certainly the initial standout (for me it was) when you first put on this disc. With a voice that combines the tones of Mark Vanderbilt (ex-Kamelot), and the aggressive tones of DIO, and the high notes of Khan (current Kamelot), he brings the story of Gaia to light easily and powerfully. One would expect to hear a thick accent given the band's origin, but only on soft, quiet passages can one detect an accent. From a soft whisper, to an aggressive passage, to a high note, Jason easily finds his way around the vocal spectrum and appears at ease with any musical situation.

The production is stellar for being recorded in a personal studio. Credits give the recording, mixing and mastering to guitarist Alessandro Kotlinsky, and it's hard to believe that the entire recording is credited to one man, from recording to mixing to mastering. The recording itself is crystal clean, precise and incredibly sharp. Of note, the keyboard and vocal recordings are outstanding. Given the talented voice of Jason Peixer, its no wonder the vocal recording is one of the highlights of the recording. Just about every note can be heard as he sings, especially given the heaviness of the music. He is never outshined or outplayed by the music and is perfectly placed inside the recording. In addition, every instrument is perfectly balanced and placed so that not one has more stage time than the other. My only personal thought would be that the drums, while crystal clear in the mix, just don't have the punch that a power metal band should. I found the kick drum just a bit lacking in the "thud" dept, and the snare drum a little shy of the true thunder that a band of this caliber should have. These are otherwise minor complaints and insignificant for a band that has basically done everything for themselves from start to finish.

Any fans of early Kamelot / Crimson Glory would do well to check this band out. This is one, virtually undiscovered gem and for those who like their progressive metal injected with lots of power, and led by a great singer, this is certainly the band for you.

Nomad Soul (6:06) / Wizard Of The South (5:58) / Essence (5:08) / The Legacy Of Gaia: Earth Cry (1:01) - Enemy Eve (6:19) - Toast Of Mankind (5:04) - Nova (8:48) - Tomorrows Gone (5:51) - Everland (3:41) / Reality (7:36)

Jason Peixer - voice
Alessandro Kotlinsky - guitars
Juliano Scharf - keyboards
Ricardo Tomedi - bass
J?lio C?sar K. Kuhlewein - drums

Before Eden (2001)
Before Eden (demo) (2003)
The Legacy Of Gaia (2005)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin BR

Added: June 19th 2006
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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Language: english


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