Kaczynski, Charles - Lumiere De La Nuit

Year of Release: 2006
Label: ProgQuebec
Catalog Number: MPM14
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:01:00

Multi-Instrumentalist Charles Kaczynski creates ethereal soundscapes on his 1979 release Lumiere De La Nuit.? Kaczynski apparently handles all the instruments, writing and arranging (there is no information on any other musicians).? You will not find the typical overbearing synthesizer sounds, as these haunting pieces feature violin, cello, flutes, acoustic guitar, and a little piano and percussion.? The instrumentation creates a full rich sound, best described as chamber music, with hints of folk music.

Kaczynski's vocals are often used as an instrument, rarely singing words, but to carry the melody and adding to that mystical sound.?? I am reminded of the early solo work of Steve Hackett when the acoustic guitar and flute are used, particularly on?"Naissance" and the title track.?? The prominence of the piano on?"Eclipse" would have been nice to hear more often. "Liberte"'s use of percussion gives it a certain intensity that allows it to stand out from the other tracks.

A melancholy air sweeps over the album showcasing Kaczynski's strength in creating a moods and atmospheres. This is an interesting blend of styles and instrumentation, giving off many flavors but tying them all into a cohesive musical statement.

Eclipse (3:34) / Lumiere De La Nuit (5:57) / Eveil Du Soleil (2:35) / Chant De Reve (:34) / Liberte (5:38) / Pere De La Terre (2:30) / Arrivee (2:00) / Reincarnation (2:56) / Naissance (3:37) / Conscience (2:43) / Independence (2:10) / Evolution (0:52) / Utopie (1:12) / Euphorie (2:33) / Depart (2:25)

Charles Kaczynski

Lumiere De La Nuit (Light Of Night) (1978/2006)

Genre: Electronic

Origin CA

Added: June 19th 2006
Reviewer: Eric Porter

Artist website: www.progquebec.com
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Language: english


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