Keneally Band, Mike - Guitar Therapy Live

Year of Release: 2006
Label: Exowax
Catalog Number: 2408
Format: CD
Total Time: 71:55:00

Raw intense guitar soaked rock is the best way to describe Guitar Therapy Live.? Guitar buffs rejoice as Keneally and fellow guitarist Rick Musallam light up the frets and jam for you.? Bassist extraordinaire Bryan Beller and drummer Joe Travers effortlessly maneuver through the unpredictable twists and turns.? Recorded live at The Baked Potato on June 30, 2005 (it appears to be a local bar [yes; bar, club, located in Studio City, CA -ed]), the boys cram together onstage and just let the music lead them.? Some truly magical musical moments occur, and with the aid of the DVD, you really see the role that Musallam and Beller play in Keneally's musical excursions.? Beller's bass often accompanies the harmony guitar parts, unless he is off slamming his own melody out on the strings.? Keneally's songs range from all out intense guitar rock, to acoustic moments, and just plain weird.? "Lightnin' Roy" starts out sounding like the Dixie Dregs, adding a quick country vocal, going out in a wah-wah drenched guitar solo.?? "Beautiful" provides some of the most dynamic soloing, jazzy, and heavy at the same time.? The instrumental "Seven Percent Grade" gives Mike the chance to show off some of his keyboard skills, again in a jazzy vein, but the band is just great behind him.? Beller is especially monstrous on this, just listen to that bass playing!? I could (and will) listen to stuff like this all day.? I think this is what Mike was going for with this release, just a chance to show people how much fun they have playing together, blowing off steam and rocking.

The special edition comes with a bonus DVD of the Baked Potato show with some additional songs not on the CD.? Seeing is believing with the Mike Keneally Band, it is great to watch these guys interact and watch their fingers do the talking.? Even though it is a small club/bar, they are playing their hearts out as if 10,000 people were watching.? It is an inspiring performance to see a group of such talented players just letting it rip, interacting with the audience, and having a ball doing it.? If you are a musician, this is nothing short of inspiring, and if you love great playing and hot guitar, this is a must have.? Fun, Fun, FUN!

Quimby (3:06) / Panda (6:02) / Lightnin' Roy (6:34) / Beautiful (4:25) / Seven Percent Grade (6:12) / Joe's Solo (2:25) / Pride Is A Sin (4:37) / Machupicchu (5:05) / Spoon Guy (2:15) / Uglytown (6:03) / Hum (9:22) / Voyage To Manhood (4:41) / Top Of Stove Melting (5:14) / 'Cause Of Breakfast (5:51)

Mike Keneally - guitar, keys, vocals
Joe Travers - drums
Bryan Beller - bass, backing vocals
Rick Musallam - guitar, backing vocals

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: June 19th 2006
Reviewer: Eric Porter

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Language: english


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