Qwestion - Y

Year of Release: 2002
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 60:01:00

Qwestion. You'd think a band with that name might just be either anti-authoritarian or have some socio-political agenda (whether positive or negative). You know: qwestion. Qwestion everything. Well, no, not in this case, though the title of the album is Y - question why. And well you might, actually. The answer to that question is "because we can," which just may tell you a whole lot. Basically this is what you get, and it pretty much describes every piece here: heavy, distorted guitar riffing (John Hall) while heavy, distorted bass (Mike Griffith) chugs along. Don't let the "explicit content" sticker (which is actually printed on the cover, not affixed) fool you, as what Qwestion play is hard driving, riff-heavy instrumental metal. Of course, don't let that statement fool you, long after the last track ends is some "foul-mouthed" conversation that would certainly earn the sticker for language alone. Yes, I suppose that is, in itself, a "fuck you" to the establishment?

The weakest link in this affair is the dry, thin, synthetic drums that pound and snicker. The strongest link is that the duo can play, they just need to write more dynamic material? that is, I don't want to say Qwestion are "johnny one notes" but they are certainly "johnny one ideas." There are moments, of course - a particularly cool riff here or some neat interplay there, but nothing that you can hang your hat on. I suppose the churning, rotating effect Hall gets his guitar to create toward the end of "Forest Of The Norm" is kinda cool - but goes on waaaay to long. In fact, the track itself goes on way too long. It's nearly 12-minutes, the only respite a minute or two of moody and atmospheric stuff. This doesn't last nearly long enough. "Muse" is also rather moody, a gloomy, dark piece where Griffith's bass takes lead. But it doesn't really seem to get anywhere..."A Little Swim Before The Walk" which is one of the two (presumably) taking a shower is an unnecessary interlude. It is an example of over-indulgence when one is producing his own work. There's a nice cleanish lead on "3ONE2," however ?

While on an initial listen, one is nearly blown away by the power, after several airings, it becomes trying and wearing.

The Mask (7:01) / Freeprov (3:05) / Chaos Theory (9:42) / A Little Swim Before The Walk (Into) (1:25) / Forest Of The North (11:58) / Muse (3:39) / 3ONE2 (6:35) / YacHacha (13:46)

Mike Griffith - bass
John Hall - guitar
TBD - percussion


Jimmy Rad - turntable

Y (2002)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: January 17th 2005
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.qwestion.net
Hits: 1012
Language: english


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