Sunterra - Lost Time

Year of Release: 2002
Label: W.A.B. Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 46:01:00

Sunterra is a very high-energy symphonic gothic metal band from Austria with female, death and black vocals. This is their second CD, released in 2002. Their first one is called In Diebus Illis; I have not heard it nor do I not know its release date. [I think 2000 - PW ed.]

Sunterra build their songs around simple electronic keyboard or flute-driven melodies against a fast, heavy, rocking, almost black metal style rhythm attack of guitars, bass and drums. Though simple and accessible, the melodies are often exquisitely beautiful, especially when driven by the flute, and quite majestic when driven by the swirling keys. The rhythm guitar / bass / drums is fast, heavy, intricate, yet rocking, with a distinct aggressive, driving black metal feel. Almost every song features some nice guitar lead-work as well, along with beautiful flute-driven acoustic interludes.

The female vocals are smooth, ephemeral and somewhat background, and add yet another dimension of beauty to the melodies. The male vocals are a combination of death-style growls and black-style rasps, and they are harsh, aggressive and menacing. Sometimes they play off the female vocals and sometimes they all sing together. The production is very satisfying ? not as full and symphonic as Tristania, but still rich and warm with solid bass.

The beautiful melodies and female vocals in combination with the fast rhythm and aggressive extreme vocals make for an extraordinary and mesmerising contrast. This is what I love in gothic beauty and beast metal and Sunterra are masters at it. This was in my top three CDs of 2002, along with Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens and Penumbra - The Last Bewitchment. All three are absolutely essential for fans of symphonic gothic beauty and beast metal, as long as your tastes include fairly harsh extreme male vocals.

Similar to: Tristania, Sirenia, Penumbra

[This review originally appeared January 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Fields Of Pain / Lost Time / To A Friend / Out Of The Dark / Symbiose / Metamorphose / Silent Observer / Living Death / Thank You

Karl-Heinz 'Carlos' Krug - flute, vocals
Libusa 'Lilly' Hruska - vocals
Elmar Schoen - keyboards
Friedl Scheutz - guitar, harmonica
Chris Schoen - bass
Martin 'Mick' Mayer - drums

In Diebus Illis (2000)
Lost Time (2002)

Genre: Other

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Reviewer: Chris Mitchell
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