Agnus Dei - Gaia

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Sandrose Records
Catalog Number: SCD-30.010
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:13:00

Known from his work with Kyrie Eleison and Indigo, two important Austrian symphonic rock bands, it has been since 2001 that Gerald Krampl formed his Sandrose label as a backbone for classical inspired and slightly meditative music. Gerald?s yearlong experience in energetic work with Reiki, Runes and Meditation adds kind of a therapeutic and healing support to the music. Gaia has to be seen as the fourth and final part in a collection of romantic new age recordings called "Music & Poetry," which come together with a booklet of written poetry by the hand of his late wife Hilde Krampl, who sadly died of cancer in 2002 at only 46 years old. After releases such as Lemuria, Merlyn and Angelos again the music on Gaia is well suited for the spiritual and esoteric circle and will be loved by those who like David Arkenstone, David Lanz, Rick Wakeman, Kitaro, Vangelis and the likes. What strikes me is the uplifting, happy nature of the compositions. Sometimes new age is almost synonym for boring long stretches of repetitive musical patterns, whereas here it remains relaxing but still has a certain joy tucked away as well.

Throughout the thirteen instrumentals on this disc, the piano remains the main instrument, whilst virtually no drum computers or extra keyboards are used. When extra keyboards are used, it is to enhance a certain orchestral feel, as for instance during "My River," where the keyboards evoke the string section of an orchestra. Sometimes the keyboard is used to resemble a harp, as happens in the opening track "Goddess Of Earth." When a drum computer is used, it is used very economically; like a clicktrack in the distance, as happens during "In The End." There?s not a great deal one can say about new age in general when you?re not a specialist of the genre other than that the music comes across as very soothing and relaxing, which I think is the main idea behind this kind of music. In fact, if you listen closely you can hear the musician being relaxed as well, as if he has the ability to copy his own mood to that of the listener. Gaia most certainly is not the kind of record you put into your CD-player when you have a list of jobs to do. It brings you back to earth after having been floating in the air throughout the duration of this disc.

Goddess Of Earth (5:20) / Song Of Hope (3:54) / Allies (3:53) / Children Of The Stars (3:51) / The World Is Round (2:39) / Bird Of Wood (3:39) / Everything Is You (5:00) / The Apple Tree (3:24) / The Oak Tree (2:58) / The Pine Tree (4:45) / My River (5:07) / Fate (3:30) / In The End (4:41)

Gerald Krampl - all keyboards

Lemuria (2002)
Merlyn (2002)
Angelos (2003)
Gaia (2004)

Genre: Other

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Added: September 5th 2004
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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