Saga - Trust

Year of Release: 2006
Label: InsideOut
Catalog Number: IOMCD 246/SPV 48842
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:39:00

In my opinion, this one's GREAT. Quite arguably their best release to date. They fuse the old with the new and sift out their most priceless valuables. It is laden with excellent riffs, enhanced melodies, and superior solos.

The third track, "I'm OK," could have most definitely have been an eighties hit. The seventh track, "It's Your Life,"' could have come out of a Thompson Twins revival.

Don't get me wrong! By no means is this dated. To the contrary, this album is ripened, wholesome, and seasoned. It easy to digest, cleanses the senses, and flushes the system. You'll be energized by the purifying aspects of these pieces and the detoxifying properties of these ditties.

The title track (situated in the sixth slot) and track nine, "Ice In The Rain," are among their finest terracotta. I'd have no complaint putting either placement in front of faithful, steadfast fans. They're more than appropriate for new guests, too. They feature superb progressions, stirring harmonies, and quality instrumentations. What they accomplish here is enough to make even the most elite artists stand up, step aside, or simply take notice.

This album is so good; I came to these conclusions after the first listen. With many cycles under my belt, I'm yet to prove my original hypothesis incorrect. This album has an agreeable vibe complemented by a slew of good vibrations. Immediately, you'll get the hunch you're on to something as each track only goes to support the premonition. I'm a huge fan of their previous album, Network. If you're a fan of that release like me, what's contained within this carafe will certainly be your cup of tea. Trust shares many similarities in terms of its vigor as well as how it flows.

Then again, they travel to other times in there career and even uncharted eras. They go back to the eighties and even forward to the future. The opener, "That's As Far As I'll Go," and the runner up, "Back To The Shadows" are classic Saga all the way and there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Whether they're raiding the vault or looking for bounty elsewhere, they strike gold in every instance.

Like a cornucopia, it's a culmination of ideas that span the generations. Many parts are organic and acoustic while others are symphonic and digitized. It radiates in each section regardless of what they're trying. Through each attempt, they continue to expand upon the scope.

It's good to see a band consistently improve upon the formula after so many successes. They could have kicked back and relied on the loyalty of their fan base. Instead, they fuss over the assignment as much as a famished adolescent. This might explain the name they gave it. Come to think of it, I wouldn't have given it any other designation. They meet all the directives mentioned in the mantra of their mission.

Altogether, this album works wondrously. You could take my word for it or make your own discoveries. Whether you have faith in my advice or find this out on your own volition, I'm confident you'll come to same conclusions. You'll concede my assessment was right on and entirely honest. There will be no bait and switch in this deal. These claims are veritable, verifiable, and true. I'm so secure in this notion, there's no need for me to cross my fingers or make a wish. My deductions are based solely on fact, not fiction. If you still don't "trust" me after all this persuasion, please go crunch the numbers and by all means do the math.

That's As far As I'll Go (4:36) / Back To The Shadows (5:16) / I'm OK (5:36) / Time To Play (3:31) / My Friend (3:19) / Trust (5:44) / It's Your Life (4:10) / Footsteps In The Hall (3:25) / Ice In The Rain (5:01) / You Were Right (4:05) / On The Other Side (4:56)

Michael Sadler - vocals, bass, keyboards
Jim Crichton - bass, keyboards
Ian Crichton - lead guitar
Jim Gilmour - keyboard, clarinet, vocals
Brian Doerner - drums, vocals

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Trust (2006)
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Silhouette (DVD) (2003)
All Areas: Live In Bonn 2002 (CD/DVD) (2004)
Worlds Apart Revisited (CD/DVD) (2006/2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin CA

Added: April 23rd 2006
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner
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Language: english


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