Umphrey's McGee - Safety In Numbers

Year of Release: 2006
Label: SCI Fidelity
Catalog Number: SCIFI 1032
Format: CD
Total Time: 54:58:00

With their third studio album, Umphrey's McGee's latest effort is a beautifully sobering look into the Chicago sextet's past year or so of writing. Safety In Numbers ranges the musical spectrum with progressive rock, acoustic guitar and a little hint of bluegrass, all combined with exceptional songwriting. Blending songs from their mind-blowing live shows as well as six brand new songs, UM's latest effort is truly solid studio album, a rarity out of "jambands."

The opening track "Believe The Lie" starts the album off quickly. "Believe The Lie" grabs the listener right away as it slams forward. The second track "Rocker" has some heartfelt lyrics from guitarist Brendan Bayliss about the loss of the band's close friend, while song is accented beautifully with solid slide guitar work. The bubbly "Liquid" is one of the bouncier tracks on the album and has guitarist Jake Cinninger on lead vocals. Crashing to an end, "Liquid" flows smoothly into a highlight of the album "Words." "Words" again showcases great vocal work from Bayliss before building stellar finish. "Nemo" starts off with a scratchy guitar line before the band's voices and guitars harmonize before a little guitar solo from Cinninger. "Women, Wine and Song" features Huey Lewis lending his harmonica and vocals, so all you 80s kids will have a treat with this one.

"Intentions Clear" has an infectious guitar riff that you won't be able to get out of your head, unless it's when you hear guest saxophone player Joshua Redman come blaring through your headphones. "Intentions Clear" with its deep grooving guitar coupled with Redman's saxophone make for a perfectly unforgettable tune. "The End Of The Road" is a short acoustic instrumental, that is soothing and relaxing before "Passing," essentially the album's title track, echoes out slowly and is carried by Bayliss' arching voice. A concert favorite "Ocean Billy" is trimmed down to a lean six minutes and is tight and concise as it sends the guitar riffs careening up and down. The last track on the album "The Weight Around" is a perfect way to end the album as Bayliss' calming voice echoes "I promise more when I get back in town," a very real possibility from the relentlessly touring Chicago rockers, who last year had 141 shows around the United States and Europe.

Safety In Numbers will be in stores on April 4th, and features artwork from world-renowned artist Storm Thorgorson, who has done artwork for such bands as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Mars Volta. Safety In Numbers is truly a "record store experience" album, completed by stellar artwork and musical diversity; and also, it's on vinyl, a real treat.

Believe The Lie (6:55) / Rocker (5:28) / Liquid (3:32) / Words (7:07) / Nemo (4:25) / Women, Wine and Song (3:52) / Intensions Clear (4:43) / End Of The Road (3:16) / Passing (4:16) / Ocean Billy (6:37) / The Weight Around (3:33)

Brendan Bayliss - guitar, vocals
Jake Cinniger - guitar, Moog, synthesizers, vocals
Joel Cummins - keyboards, vocals
Andy Farag - percussion
Kris Myers - drums, vocals
Ryan Stasik - bass


Huey Lewis - vocals (6), harmonica (6,8)
Joshua Redmon - sax (7)
Chris Hoffman - cello (2, 8)
Mike Racky - pedal steel guitar (3)

Greatest Hits Volume III (1998)
Songs For Older Women (1998)
One Fat Sucka (2000)
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Local Band Does Oklahoma (2003)
Anchor Drops (2004/2005)
Safety In Numbers (2006)

Genre: Jam Band

Origin US

Added: April 9th 2006
Reviewer: Pete Truba

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Language: english


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