Various - Destroying Silence: An Introduction To Veneto West Records

Year of Release: 2006
Label: Veneto West
Catalog Number: VW06-01CD
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:33:00

Destroying Silence: An Introduction To Veneto West Records is intended as an introduction to a new label created by producer-mixer-guitarist Ronan Chris Murphy. Murphy has worked with some prestigious artists including King Crimson, Steve Morse and Terry Bozzio to drop a few names on you. Veneto West's vision is to bring the spirit of punk labels (like SST and Dischord), combined with high quality production values. "High Brow music with a punk rock spirit" to quote the label's promotion kit.

There are five artists featured on the 13 track compilation. First up is Anthony Curtis who opens up with "Gallabalba," which could be mistaken for a King Crimson outtake from the Discipline era. The tie is immediate as the unmistakable stick playing of Tony Levin pops right out of the speakers. Curtis spends a lot of this short aggressive track creating guitar noises rather than standard soloing. The second track has a more atmospheric feel with violin and straight forward guitar soloing, with Mike Keneally adding some subtle Fender Rhodes.

Up next is Willie Oteri who adds Pat Mastelotto (along with Levin and Keneally). "Sundial/Spiral Out" has that 70's fusion sound, with the Fender Rhodes, and some excellent guitar playing. Oteri seems to favor a very raw guitar sound, this is not a processed smooth tone, it has bite, and sounds like he just plugged his guitar into the amp and starts playing. About seven minutes in Oteri seems to just be egged on by the band, and his over the top playing is exciting to listen to, he just cuts it loose. "Ephraim Walks In" beefs up Oteri's tone, a solid groove is set, and with the addition of Ephraim Wilson on trumpet, the funky fusion continues. Oteri's music is jazzy, open, and sounds like these guys got together to jam. Without question my favorite tracks of the compilation.

"Lives Of The Saints" features label head Ronan Chris Murphy and Bill Forth creating soundscapes on guitars. There is no listing of the effects used, but they create interesting tones and moods. The final track "Paralee Sleeps" opens with a violin-like tones, and there are some Frippertronic like sounds to be found. This would be great soundtrack music for a horror flick!

Bassist Jay Terrien teams up with Mastelotto and Murphy, with some oddly infused percussion in "Double Entendre." Terrien's multi-tracked bass parts create the melodies and the forceful backing that drives the songs.

Closing things out is Hypnoise," a three piece band that that seems a bit out of place in comparison to the other artists. They also are the only band that has vocals. "Up A Golden Hill" applies a bluesy acoustic guitar and vocal, and an eerie quality. "The Ocean" has a Pink Floyd feel to it, something along the lines of "Echoes" without the ending. Things are a bit to plain, and the vocals a bit underwhelming to really make a solid impression compared to the other artists, but those looking for a Floyd fix might want to give them a listen.

Guitarists, fans of instrumental music, and those with adventurous listening tastes should enjoy the artists on Veneto West. Check out the labels website to hear samples.


Anthony Curtis:
Anthony Curtis - guitar
Tony Levin - bass
Lewis Pragasam - drums
Jeff Gauthier - violin
Mike Keneally - Fender Rhodes
Ronan Chris Murphy - harmonium

Willie Oteri:
Willie Oteri - guitar
Tony Levin - bass
Pat Mastelotto - drums
Ephraim Owens - trumpet
Mike Keneally - Fender Rhodes
Ronan Chris Murphy - Fender Rhodes

Lives Of The Saints:
Ronan Chris Murphy - guitar
Bill Forth - guitar

Jay Terrien:
Jay Terrien - bass
Pat Mastelotto - drums, programming
Ronan Chris Murphy - H3000 Mangling

P Mike III - guitar, keys, vocals
Sanze - bass
Frez - drums


Genre: Various Genres

Origin VA

Added: May 8th 2006
Reviewer: Eric Porter

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Language: english


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