Anarion - The Journey Begins

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Independent
Catalog Number:
Format: CD
Total Time: 59:37:00

Anarion is a rather new band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1999. The Journey Begins... is their debut album, but according to their website they are currently working on their second CD which means this is a rather productive band and one to be counted for the future.

Anarion play a crossover of pure heavy metal and US power metal. The music is heavy on the guitar side with lots of in-your-face riffing, wonderfully executed by the twin guitar attack of Steve Stergiadis and Ricardo Mecchi. Mecchi is also responsible for the vocals and he does a fine job at it, too. The vocals range from the mid-to-high register and backed up by a solid rhythm section, Anarion must be one of the more promising bands in the genre.

The songs are for the most part fast paced, but with many slow acoustic based passages which works out great for these tunes and gives the listener a chance to catch their breath from the fast paced moments. Although not all songs are great they manage to stay well above average throughout the CD. A few songs lack better melody-lines but overall the songs are of good, solid quality. While not being immediately addictive, this CD needs some spins to find those inner treasures. At first, to my ear, they were more focused on the great guitar work but as you get to know the songs better you find that beneath the wall of sound the melody-lines are for the most part very good.

The production is raw, simple and well balanced and it really suits the music coming off genuine and effective. The production could of course be improved but this is still better than most indie bands these days.

I am positive that if they keep writing songs of this calibre and if they stay focused on writing good melody-lines they will catch a deal in the near future. Anarion have made a debut album to be proud of and which lay the foundation of what's to come. I am sure their full potential is yet to be explored. Fans of heavy metal/power metal should keep and eye on this band as The Journey Begins... is well worth checking out.

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Riccardo Mecchi - vocals, guitar
Steve Stergiadis - guitar
Joe Fresina - bass
Luke Burnham - drums

  • The Journey Begins (2001)

    Genre: Heavy metal/power metal

    Origin AU

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    Reviewer: Bjørnar Bevolden
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