Gnostic - Splinters Of Change

Year of Release: 2005
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00


Former Atheist drummer Steve Flynn's new band Gnostic is simultaneously a return to form and a portent of things to come? Produced by Atheist-alumnus Kelly Shaefer, Gnostic's Splinters Of Change blurs the lines between thrash, death and modern metal?


Hmmm ? twin guitars; slapped bass-lines; tempo changes; harsh vocals; band named for a school of thought; the drummer from Atheist; produced by the singer/guitarist from said band?.

Atheist wrote chord progressions that provided a melodic bed for the "witchy" vocals of front-man Shafer, thereby adding a dimension to their music that allowed the listener who didn't like the deathly vocals to still have something to engage them, whereas Gnostic leans toward the anti-melodic ferocity of bands like Sadus, opting for an anti-melodic approach that favors simplistic harmonic material over compositional daring. Atheist excelled at writing guitar and bass parts that worked together using counterpoint and other classical and jazz-inspired techniques; Gnostic, no less technical rhythmically, rely instead on hyper-kinetic, angular atonality and angst-ridden hardcore shouting to punctuate their "slice and dice" take on aggression.

The sum of the parts was always greater than the whole with Atheist ? I wanted desperately to hear some dynamic tension and release from Gnostic throughout this disc ? a melodic fragment, or a thematic guitar line here and there to give the listener respite and context?


4-/5 (the minus is for under-utilizing the 2nd guitar player?or the 1st?)


Gnostic lacks a defining element (pun intended) that will give them a unique sound and their own identity?

Violently Calm / Wall Of Lies / Corrosive / Splinters Of Change / Mind Lock

Sonny Carson - guitars
Steve Flynn - drums
Kevin Freeman - vocals
Stephen Morley - bass
Todd Simpson - guitars

Splinters Of Change (2005)

Genre: Other

Origin US

Added: January 5th 2006
Reviewer: Jan-Mikael Erakare
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Language: english


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