Spedding, Chris - Click Clack

Year of Release: 2005
Label: SPV
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 44:31:00

Chris Spedding is widely known for his work and this solo album titled Click Clack should give him some notoriety. He has been around the musical world and back again, from beat to country and beyond, the man?s presence as a guitar player defies the norm for session men and solo artists. His releases date back to 1971, according to his website listing, and he has 14 solo albums, so it?s not as if he is just getting started.

Click Clack is a blues based rock album. This is not your typical hard rockin? drenched in heart and soul type of album. Spedding?s relaxed vocal style eases you into the songs and you can count on getting hooked. Every track has something that grabs you and each time you give the CD a spin you want to hear it again. It worked on me that way. I have listened to it at least six times already and every time I enjoyed it even more. I wish I felt that way about everything that I hear, but only one out of ten albums have that kind of magic. That is why this recording has become one of my favorites to spin.

?You Don?t Own Me? is a direct message, one you could give someone that thinks they have control over you, the words say it all, and the rhythm and soul of the track are irresistible. There is something about the way Spedding delivers the lyrics ? they hang on like a scared feline during a veterinarian?s visit. ?How To Get Rid Of The Blues? is of course another highlight, with a title like that how can you miss on a blues-rock album? It does not disappoint. The title track is very catchy as well; its one of many that refuse to leave your head after listening. Get ready for musical addiction, it sneaks up on you, just like anything else addicting, and before you know it, you are mesmerized.

While I would not call this one of the best rock and blues album I ever heard in a traditional sense, it is a fine rock album. Its very pleasing and it looks as though all of those years of playing everything under the sun makes recording an album like this a cakewalk for a guy like Chris Spedding, well he does make it sound awfully relaxed and easy. This makes me want to start exploring his back catalog. Why wouldn?t you after hearing such an enjoyable artist? The dude has been around for so long and covered so many types of styles-every album must be different. By today?s standards a man like Spedding is a real find, a unique individual with a storied past worth looking into.

Hilife (4:53) / Cure (3:18) / You Don't Own Me (4:36) / Why Are People Like That (3:32) / Please Don't (3:56) / Nobody (4:00) / Hear Your Daddy (4:03) / Ramblin' Coleman (3:25) / How To Get Rid Of The Blues (2:56) / No Other Baby (3:18) / Click Clack (2:51) / Last Date (3:43)

Chris Spedding - guitar, vocals
Sarah Brown - vocals
Tal Bergmann - drums
Iain Dixon - tenor saxophone
Danny Thompson - bass
Freddy Koella - mandolin
Bryan Ferry - harmonica solo (7)

Spedding The Guitarist (1970?)
Backwood Progression (1971)
Songs Without Words (1971)
Only Lick I Know (1972)
Chris Spedding (1975)
Hurt! (1977)
Guitar Graffiti (1978)
I'm Not Like Everybody Else (1980)
Friday The 13th (live) (1981)
Ready Spedding Go! (1984)
Mean & Moody (1985/1993)
Enemy Within (1986)
Cafe Days (1990)
Just Plug Him In (live) (1991)
Motor Bikin' (1991)
The Best Of Chris Spedding (1994)
Gesundheit! (live) (1995)
One Step Ahead Of The Blues (2002)
Click Clack (2005)
The Very Best Of Chris Spedding (2005)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: January 20th 2006
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.chrisspedding.com
Hits: 711
Language: english


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