Moon Safari - A Doorway To Summer

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Blomijud
Catalog Number: BRCD001
Format: CD
Total Time: 59:57:00

Remember Wobbler? Long before their album was due everybody in the world of prog knew about the band and was anxious to hear their music. Maybe not with so much advance press attention, my interest in Moon Safari started from the moment Tomas Bodin told me he was involved in producing the band's debut album. Knowing the quality of Bodin's solo albums, his ear for detail as well as his love for authentic seventies instruments and arrangements, for sure I was curious to hear what Moon Safari had to offer. After listening to the entire album for the very first time I felt like the first sunrays of spring had touched my skin whilst colourful birds were guiding me towards a place full of love. Only then did I read the album's title: A Doorway To Summer and that's exactly what it is, how it feels. Spring is indeed "a doorway to summer," fresh, discovering vitality again, with blossoms everywhere and young life being born. Moon Safari is also a young band fully exploring the endless possibilities music offers them.

With only five compositions on this album yet with a total playing time of nearly one hour, for sure these guys have to deliver some lengthy epics. And so they do yet they don't release long tracks simply for the sake of the duration but because they have loads of ideas they all want to cram into the same song. Moon Safari also sports various vocalists who tend to deliver an extra dimension to the music. Opening track "Doorway" contains a nice piece of vocal acrobatics getting close to Druid. These guys also have the talent to create sumptuous melodies which stick to your mind immediately. Take the opening sequence of "Dance Across The Ocean" as perfect proof where they also manage to sneak in some church organ and deliver a feel which is reminiscent to Ritual. They have left the most magnificent work till last. "Beyond The Door" is indeed almost classical with its superb piano playing leading the way. What follows sounds like early Flower Kings again adorned with some splendid singing and lots of mellotron.

A Doorway To Summer is the perfect calling card for this young band, delivered as perfect value for money in a splendid quality. If this is the band's debut then I ask myself what they have in store for us to be reveiled on future releases. Moon Safari: pack your bags and hit that road as soon as you can for I have to see you guys live asap!

Doorway (11:36) / Dance Across The Ocean (7:30) / A Sun Of Your Own (9:19) / We Spin The World (24.52) / Beyond The Door (6:40)

Simon $Aring;kesson - lead vocals, backing vocals, piano, Hammond, Moogs, mellotrons, and choir arrangements
Anthon Johansson - 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitars, backing vocals and various percussion
Tobias Lundgren - drums, percussion and backing vocals
Petter Sanstr?m - lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica
Johan Westerlund - bass, backing vocals, and coffeemaking

A Doorway To Summer (2005)
Blomljud (2008)
Lover's End (2010)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin SE

Added: March 18th 2006
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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Moon Safari - A Doorway To Summer
Posted by prog on 2006-10-05 03:17:03
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Yhe music is superb the lyrics on the other end sometimes to non-prog)