Nysted, Lee - Shoot From The Hip

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Nysted Music
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 54:37:00

Lee Nysted takes music and words, does it all his way, and calls his new album Shoot From The Hip. That expression refers to a person that tells it like it is and Nysted does that on all 12 tracks. Having traversed his own spiritual path over the years, awakening on the other side a new man, he speaks from his heart and lets his guitar do a lot of the talking with a combination of potent rock and jazz-rock fusion.

The opening track ?The Semantical Consort? is a real rocker, an obvious choice for an album opener and the title track is another earth shaker, it features some nice guitar licks that puts Nysted in a good light as a real craftsman with the six-string. ?Fire In The Hole? is a nice jazz-rock fusion track. The combination of the two genres that play off each other is like the yin and yang of music at work. ?All God?s Children? is a great message with some of the best guitar work on the album.

The reason I can appreciate this album so much is the two-fold purpose it serves. The music lets you cut loose emotionally and the words get to the heart of the matter with a beeline right to your soul. So not only did the music touch me, it was Nysted?s heartfelt message, and one I could understand perfectly. I know from whence he came. In the track ?Windows? he says ?I know hope, and I know you,? he is talking about the spirit in the sky, the higher power, God, whatever you choose to call it, a power greater than mankind, whatever works for you. ?I Surrender? is the most prolific song and it?s a statement from a man that changed his life forever by making one decision, giving up the substances that took precedence over everything and turning it over to someone or something more capable of handling it. This may be too heavy for some of you that cannot relate but I had to express all of this because that is what this music revolves around. It is easy enough to apply any of it to your own life even though you may have walked a different path than Lee Nysted.

If you look at the cover you see two very colorful birds in flight, which Nysted refers to in the music, the message is very clear, free your soul and you can fly. It is apparent the artist let his hair down on this impressive release. The sound and production are excellent and so is the musicianship. Whether or not you can relate to the lyrics, although it is a bonus if you can, the music will set you free.

The Semantical Consort (3:33) / Colorful (4:50) / Shoot From The Hip (3:50) / Spheres (3:07) / Fire In The Hole (4:50) / Windows (4:40) / All God?s Children (4:44) / I Surrender (5:19) / Once And Forever (5:56) / Morning (6:08) / Friends & The Loved Ones (3:55) / Snow (3:45)

Lee Nysted - guitar, guitar synthesizers & vocals
Matt Walker - drums & percussion
Scott Bennett - keyboards & percussion
Alan Berliant - bass

Shoot From The Hip (2005)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: February 28th 2006
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.leenysted.com
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Language: english


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