Umphrey's McGee - Local Band Does O.K.

Year of Release: 2002
Label: independent
Catalog Number: UM0004
Format: CD
Total Time: 69:57:00

It is tough to shake an image of a band after they have been labeled or defined.? The "jam band" tag has been firmly latched to Umphrey's McGee (UM), but they have a lot to offer outside of the jam scene.? First, many jam bands put on terrific live shows but have trouble converting that feel to the studio.? Grateful Dead fans have collected and traded bootlegs for years based on the vibe the band created live, and most would agree it was never captured in the studio.?UM's diversity is instantly evident, and their musicality shines making a great combination.

The band plays in many styles, and the focus falls mostly on keyboardist Joel Cummins and guitarist Jake Cinninger.? The rocking progressive tinged instrumental "Hurt Bird Bath" allows guitarist Jake Cinninger room to smoke.? Gears immediately shift with the trumpet led jazz of? "Headphones & Snowcones."? If there is anything that ties into the "jam" sound, it is mostly in the vocal delivery.? The CD itself is by no means what you might expect, these are not long instrumental noodlings, but songs that offer instrumental moments of surprising complexity, and nothing exceeding ten minutes in length.? Cinninger brings out his Santana tone for "Prowler", which also features a lot of piano soloing.

Umphrey's McGee exceeded my preconceived expectations, and guitarist Jake Cinninger is the biggest surprise of all - we may have a new guitar hero in town.? UM may be labeled as a jam band, but trying to pin a specific style is out of the question, just enjoy.

Andy's Last Beer (5:30) / Uncle Wally (4:16) / Hurt Bird Bath (6:01) / Headphones & Snowcones (2:27) / Ringo (4:20) / Blue Echo (6:08) / The Empire State (1:10) / White Man's Moccassins (6:55) / Prowler (5:23) / 2nd Self (4:45) / Roulette (4:49) / Dough Bro (1:52) / Water (5:28) / Nothing Too Fancy (10:47)

Brendan Bayliss - guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Jake Cinninger - guitar, acoustic guitar, Moog Taurus II, dobro, drums, talk box, vocals, djembe
Joel Cummins - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Organ, Synth, Kalimba, vocals
Andy Farag - congas, bongos, timbales, percussion
Mike Mirro - drums, marimba, vocals
Ryan Stasik - 5 string bass, jawharp

Special guests:

Rich Cohen - saxophone
Michael 'Maddog' Mavridoglou - trumpet

Greatest Hits Volume III (1998)
Songs For Older Women (1998)
One Fat Sucka (2000)
Local Band Does O.K. (2002)
Local Band Does Oklahoma (2003)
Anchor Drops (2004)
Safety In Numbers (2006)

Genre: Jam Band

Origin US

Added: April 9th 2006
Reviewer: Eric Porter

Artist website:
Hits: 888
Language: english


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