Aural Night - Voyage

Year of Release: 2006
Label: independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 65:53:00

Aural Night is an artist from Finland that takes his passion for the great composers and makes something special without the help of a band and typical instruments. The artist uses a Korg Triton with onboard MOSS, M-Audio Audiophile 192 soundcard hooked to his computer to create this engaging instrumental Voyage. The compositions, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the artist, sound as if there was more involved because of the sound quality, nevertheless the results are impressive when you look at the whole picture and how he achieved the desired results.

Aural Night?s intention was to create a soundtrack that could be easily adapted for a movie. I think he succeeds in accomplishing his goal on this album. He listened to his share of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis prior to jumping into a career of recording, as their influence is peeking around every corner of this CD.

The entire recording is a soundscape that puts you out to sea with a ship on its long Voyage. This music can accompany many forms of media however, the ultimate goal of Aural Night is to get those involved in the movie business to take notice, as they will find great use for his work and in turn enable this creative individual to continue developing this art from with more recordings.

Eleven tracks encompass this CD and what makes it so enjoyable is its variety of textures and tones that sound as if they are peeling off in layers via your ears. This is mood music for me, I do not throw this on to get all pumped up and motivated ? this kind of music is for relaxation, contemplation, and can serve you well when you need to focus on one thing and make a decision. In the same instance, it can allow you to become that ship out to sea, so you can float away and forget all your troubles. So for this listener music like this can serve many useful purposes. Of course, it does help to love instrumental music created with the use of the computer. A purist I am not, although I do know what I like. Technology continues to make leaps and bounds every day and now you can create an impressive piece of music on a computer; in this case, Aural Night composes a group of tracks worth a serious look by both listeners and those in the business of multi media productions.

Dawn At Sea (4:53) / Storm Ahead (8:07) / Threnody Part I (3:20) / Threnody Part II (5:14) / Relatively Calm (5:49) / Tribal Musical Box (9:27) / Prosperous Winds (4:59) / Something's Stirring (3:09) / Land Ahoy (5:00) / Threat From Below (8:26) / Deep Is The Grave (7:29)

Miika Warsell (aka Aural Night)

Voyage (2006)

Genre: Electronic

Origin FI

Added: May 8th 2006
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Language: english


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