Laurel Canyon Animal Company - Music From The Pink Dolphins

Year of Release: 2006
Label: Laurel Canyon Animal Company
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 56:23:00

This is a captivating story. Music From The Pink Dolphins brings attention to the innate spirituality of man, the endangered species of pink dolphins in the Amazon River, and the destruction of the Rainforest.

Although I was a bit skeptical at first of Skip Haynes of the Laurel Canyon Animal Company, I learned that these adventurous souls are a legitimate group of professionals that worked directly with the world famous Gorilla Koko and are renowned for their work in the field. Skip is one of the major forces behind this project, along with his partner Dana Walden (musical director and producer). He contacted me about covering the new CD that was inspired by these unusual creatures. Well, not only were the people involved inspired by the dolphins, they were instructed by the creatures how to create each track on the CD. I know this all sounds a bit "out there" and you are probably thinking that these people are on crack or something. That is usually the knee jerk reaction of most folks. I considered everything and actually called Skip and spoke with him at length before moving forward with this project.

Two animal communicators, Penelope Smith and Eros Christos, linked spiritually with dolphins, provided the information to create the music. It helps to have an open mind, be spiritual, and have a strong belief that mother earth is a direct connection to our maker to hear and understand what the purpose of this CD is. I studied environmental science years ago and wanted to make it my life?s work, but that never happened, there were other paths for me to follow. My interest in wildlife, nature, and its connection to man, has never waned with the passing of time, however; it has always been a concern for me. So it came as no surprise that I found myself very interested and completely fascinated with this concept. I immediately set out to do some research. I found out that they are an endangered species. These friendly, sensitive, mammals with an amazing brain capacity 40% larger than that of humans, who have lived in harmony with the people of the Amazon and its tributaries for centuries, now face extinction. The people of the Amazon believe that the dolphins are shape shifters and there is much lore and beliefs around these sacred creatures.

This CD really catches the eye at first glance with all its beautiful pastel colors, with hints of nature and mysticism all around it. The music is beautiful from start to finish. You will hear the sounds of the Amazon throughout the recording, the dolphins, birds, rain dropping to the upper canvas and into the river below. The tribal rhythms of nature and man are intermingled to make it a singular musical heartbeat from the earth mother that is both enchanting and relaxing.

The highlight of the recording, besides all the wonderful music, is vocalist Donna Delory, known for touring with Madonna as a backup singer for many years. Of course, she naturally sounds like Madonna, and strikingly so on ?Vine Of The Soul.? Her gorgeous angelic vocals fill this CD and she seems to be a natural for this project. Becoming one with music and nature was essential for this project and I think they found the right person to fill the role of messenger in Delory. With each listen, I became more fascinated with the dolphins and their message in the lyrics of this music. We need to wake up and realize how important the Rainforest is before its too late. The Indians had the right idea hundreds of years ago, take from the land only what you need and replenish the land so that it gives more. Our philosophy, or big corporations I should say, is to rape the land and leave it to die and become an uninhabited desert. Projects like this provide a three-fold purpose, mimicking the triangle of life itself, mind, body, and spirit. This recording helps to bring attention to a critical part of the world that needs our help and to create music based in nature and of the ancient peoples that inhabit the land. With the premise of this good work in mind, we have an opportunity to understand its importance to our survival, and primarily to share these thoughts and communications with everyone we know so that we can change things before it is beyond our control.

Pick up a copy of Music From The Pink Dolphins and understand more than you ever have before about the earth, man, and its precious creatures. We are here on this planet to live in harmony with each other and all its inhabitants; somewhere along the line, we lost that spirit and philosophy. It sounds like the perfect scenario yet difficult to achieve, however, if more people listen to music like this and read about the reason it exists then there is a chance for enlightenment and better world for our children to inherit.

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I Am The Pink Dolphin (8:32) / Morning Botos (5:36) / A Woman Rain (5:48) / Vine Of The Soul (8:08) / Encantado (5:09) / Dance Of The Dolphin (6:07) / The Portal (4:57) / Anima Mundi (5:24) / Dolphin Prayer (6:42)

Penelope Smith, Eros Christos
Sy Montgomery - Consultant
Dana Walden - Producer, vocalist
Michael Fitzpatrick - cello
Kelly Sullivan Walden - The Voice
Billy Close - Earth harp
Lisbeth Scott -vocalist
Donna Delory - vocalist
Skip Haynes - vocalist
Guardians - Rainforest Conservation Fund
Guardians - I.S.P.T.R.

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Music From The Pink Dolphins (2006)

Genre: Other

Origin US

Added: May 21st 2006
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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