Andromeda - Extension Of The Wish

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Century Media
Catalog Number: 8000-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 44:18:00

Swedish metal mavens Andromeda have turned out a powerful prog-metal set with their debut album Extension Of The Wish. Virtuoso guitar performances (provided by Johan Reinholdz) abound on this album, of course, but the keyboard player (Martin Hedin) keeps up with the pyrotechnics very nicely, thank you, as does the rhythm section of drums and bass (Thomas Lejon and Gert Daun, respectively). Guitarist Reinholdz ranks up there with metal guitar gods like John Petrucci, pummeling the listener with artful speed solos, but also knowing when to stand back and pound out monstrous rhythm sections. Moreover, keyboardist Hedin offers up, besides a solid background, some truly cool synth solos.

But Andromeda is not a Dream Theater clone as so many prog metal bands these days are (not that there's really anything wrong with that, IMHO), but rather wring their own sound from the steel. Still, they fit comfortably into the same style of bands like Dream Theater, Ayreon, The Gathering, Evergrey, and even Deep Purple, and fans of those groups will no doubt adore this album, which is filled with well-written, powerful, and complex stuff performed with consummate skill.

And speaking of skill, how often have you put in a CD, been swept away by some sensational instrumental fare, and then have the vocalist ruin everything? That seems to be a major problem with a lot of progressive albums, but you won't have that problem with Andromeda. The vocals on this album (provided by a session man, Lawrence Mackrory, although I understand the band now has a permanent singer) are professional in every way, but manage to avoid many of the metal clich?s, including all that high-pitched screeching. This album cranks on every front. I, for one, will be watching for more from Andromeda.

The Words Unspoken (5:28) / Crescendo of Thoughts (5:25) / In the Deepest of Waters (7:07) / Chameleon Carneval (5:00) / Star Shooter Supreme (5:18) / Extension of the Wish (10:03) / Arch Angel (5:55)

Thomas Lejon - drums
Gert Daun - bass
Johan Reinholdz - guitar
Martin Hedin - keyboards
Lawrence Mackrory - vocals

Extension Of The Wish (2001)
II=I (2003)
Final Extension (2004)
Chimera (2006)
The Immunity Zone (2008)

Playing Off The Board (DVD) (2007)

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Origin SE

Added: June 5th 2001
Reviewer: Clayton Walnum

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