Lanfear - Another Golden Rage

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Massacre Records
Catalog Number: MAS PC0453
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:22:00

Lanfear was formed in 1993, and in 1996 they released their debut album, Towers, independently. Despite the low response from record labels, they kept going. Fortunately their music was well received by the public and the band progressed well in the following years. After a change in the line up and a demo, the band did get the interest of the labels and signed with Massacre Records. Also the band joined forces with the Danish company Intromental for their management.

After raving critics on The Art Effect, the band is back with a new and rock solid album: Another Golden Rage, a top notch power metal album with a hell of a crunch. Initially I had some reservations about the originality of the music, as already in the opening track, "Another Golden Rage," there is a strong reference to Operation: Mindcrime by Queensrÿche, albeit with a more modern sound. Singer Althammer does show he reaches the same level Geoff Tate reaches, although I prefer him when he keeps to the middle range.

Basically the first half of the album is nothing special: great guitar riffs, fast drums and good keyboard play, but fairly standard power metal. But then comes "Eclipse" and that was a real surprise ? very short, but very symphonic and different than the rest. Actually it was more a bit of Seibel solo. But somehow I got the feeling the rest of the songs are a bit more progressive. I did hear a familiar Metallica riff in "Shades Of Black" and here they even add a bit death vox. But the riffs are just great. The band moves a bit in the direction of prog metal and manages to create an atmosphere that keeps you glued to the album.

Original music in this day and age will be a heck of a job, and for me that is not what makes an album good or beautiful. What I find important is that an album offers me something to make me keep playing it more often, and this is what Lanfear offers me: well written compositions that are both powerful and melodious. It is not an album that was rushed from beginning to end, no; obviously the band has put their heart and soul in it and they know to touch the listener.

The band shows they can do more than just play driven bass, fast double bass and screaming guitar riffs. Next to the symphonic "Eclipse," also "Eternally" surprises, a beautiful ballad, that reminded me of Marc Almond :-). Not really metal, but very good and shows the band has potential and is not tied to one style. "Outliving The Ages" is a strong song and a worthy closer of the album, where Geoff Tate once more pops up.

Another Golden Rage was my first getting acquainted with Lanfear and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This album will most likely spend many hours in my CD player, for the simple fact it is a great album, offering more than any standard power metal album. Definitely recommended!

Another Golden Rage / The Unrestrained / Dispraise / Transmisgration / Eclipse / Shades Of Black / The Voice Within / In Silence / Eternally / What ? For / Outliving Ages

Tobias Althammer - vocals
Markus Ulrich - guitars
Kai Schindelar - bass guitar
Richie Seibel - keyboards
J?rgen Schrank - drums

Towers (1996) (released as Towers of February (1997))
Zero Poems (1999)
The Art Effect (2003)
Another Golden Rage (2005)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin DE

Added: February 19th 2005
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
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Language: english


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