Gilbert, Paul - Get Out Of My Yard

Year of Release: 2006
Label: Mascot Records
Catalog Number: M 7202-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 54:11:00

Paul Gilbert uses Ibanez guitars, Laney amps, DiMarzio pickups & cables and Ernie Ball strings. If a guitarist is endorsed by so many different companies then he most certainly has to be an ace player, which exactly is the case with Paul Gilbert. This album blew me away from the first time I heard it. In some cases all instrumental albums can be a pain as certain passages tend to last too long, however in the case of this brand new Get Out Of My Yard album you're on a rollercoaster from beginning till end without getting bored one single second. Gilbert for sure kicks some ass here backed by some outstanding drumming courtesy of the incredible Jeff Bowders.

Instead of simply shredding till he drops, Paul Gilbert most definitely is always on the lookout for a melodic approach and a song oriented arrangement. Having sold millions of albums with Racer X and Mr. Big, Get Out Of My Yard contains 13 brand new Gilbert compositions and an interesting cover of the classical "Symphony No 88 Finale" as composed by Franz Joseph Haydn. Hot on the heels of his stunning DVD Space Ship Live, Gilbert has delivered his first all instrumental album for which he is said to have recorded his "most frightening guitar work" he's ever done, scaring everyone within hearing distance with a towering monument of glowing guitar metal intensity." His words, not mine, yet I couldn't have described it any better as it's even better than what he says. "Hurry Up" is fingerlicking good as there's so many interesting hooks, breaks and interplay whilst a great melody holds it all together. In this song alone Gilbert illustrates he's more than your average shredder!

Including his collaboration with Jimi Kidd on the 2002 release Raw Blues Power, his very first all instrumental new album Get Out Of My Yard is Paul Gilbert's ninth solo album. Issued between 1999 and today it most certainly proves that Gilbert is not carved out of the "rockstar for one day" wood. As time evolves, his technique gets better, his ideas become more mature, his passion increases to an unlimited height. Some sounds of "Straight Through The Telephone Pole" take me as far back as The Allman Brothers, although fuelled with extra gusto.

Paul also illustrates his skills on acoustic guitar during "Marine Layer," which also proves that speed isn't always necessary. Personally I like "Rusty Old Boat" best because of the interaction between guitar and organ, which slightly introduces some Niacin elements turning it into a nice funky tune.

In "The Echo Song," Gilbert experiments with effects, which is a different approach than the other songs on this album. In a way it reminds me of Steve Hillage, yet treated with a bigger rock heart. To even further illustrate his diversity and his musical ability, Gilbert tackles Haydn's "Symphony No 88 Finale," which in a way is not such an easy thing to do. I'm not really sure whether at all it fits onto this album, however; as a listener you should be open minded enough to also enjoy listening to classical compositions. "Three E's For Edward" is acoustic guitar at the speed of light like you never heard before. How he doesn't get his fingers in a twist I don't know! The new selection of songs ends with another blistering performance called "You Kids," which is nothing short of a rock anthem. Get Out Of My Yard is as good a guitar rock album you can get, establishing Paul Gilbert as one of today's most effective and prominent guitar players around. Stunning!

Get Out Of My Yard / Hurry Up / The Curse Of Castle Dragon / Radiator / Straight Through The Telephone Pole / Marine Layer / Twelve Twelve / Rusty Old Boat / The Echo Song / Full Tank / My Teeth Are A Drumset / Haydn Symphony No 88 Finale / Three E's For Edward / You Kids

Paul Gilbert - electric, acoustic and bass guitars
Jeff Bowders - drums
Mike Szuter - bass
Emi Gilbert - piano, organ

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: August 27th 2006
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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