Watertouch - We Never Went To The Moon

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Soda
Catalog Number: SODA 001
Format: CD
Total Time: 44:29:00

It's always a big surprise if you receive an album by a band you have never before heard of. It is even a bigger surprise when that release turns out to be one hell of an album. This is exactly the case with this album by Swedish based band Watertouch. The opening track already sets the tone for this well executed piece of work. "Maybe I'm A Muslim" contains both sitar as well as organ, folky touches as well as an authentic rock feel, and a jazzy ending; as if east meets west all bundled into one song. The sitar is performed by the album's producer and Swedish Grammy winner Tommy Andersson. Fantastic! During "Funeral Procession From ?selby," Patrick Salin's guitar reminds me of Jan Akkerman during his Focus period. It adds a certain dose of hidden folk influences getting towards the atmosphere of Kaipa. After we had our "funeral procession" it's one step further with "The Burning Of My Ashes" (looks like someone in the band is an undertaker for profession!) Starting out with solitary fragile and almost classical piano followed by saxophone of course there's a healthy jazz element present before the music switches towards a more funky approach and bounces back into jazz territory. Throughout this entire album you'll rave at the incredible organ playing by Per Wiberg who might be known by some of you from his very own band Deathorgan.

A perfect cross between folk and rock is executed during "Foxhunt" with elements from Jethro Tull (minus the flute) and Tempest springing to mind. Melody is what's really important for Watertouch as they stitch melody after melody together in order to end up with a patchwork of quality and diversity. Again during "Waltz For Backtax" the guitar leans heavily towards Focus-era Jan Akkerman before a heart-warming organ solo compliments it all. I even feel like dancing when I hear this song so; where's the wife when you need her? It's back to the warm embrace of classy jazzy material once the muted trumpet sets the tone for "Just Before Cleavage Hill." To my ears it sounds like a mix between Spyro Gyra, Yellowjackets and Chuck Mangione flirting with a distant Steely Dan. Ideal music to go with that dinner for two and that glorious bottle of chilled Chardonay. During the final track "We Never Went To The Moon," Per's organ sounds like that of Peter Bardens during the early years of Camel. Meanwhile the rest of the musicians steer this song in the direction of Ritual meets Karmakanic. Can't wait to see Watertouch performing these gems live!

Due to it's perfect length, its seventies approach and the mix of five instrumental and two vocal tracks, this album grabs you by the balls from beginning till end. An album which will most certainly end up high in my "best albums of 2005" list!

Maybe I'm A Muslim (7:17) / Funeral Procession From ?Selby (4:39) / The Burning Of My Ashes (10

Peter Holmstedt - bass
Eiron Johansson - drums, percussion
Patrick Salin - guitar, vocals
Per Wiberg - organ, piano

We Never Went To The Moon (2005)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin SE

Added: March 29th 2005
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.watertouch.net
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Language: english


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