Various - Subdivisions - A Tribute To Rush

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Magna Carta
Catalog Number: MA 2112-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

This is the second installment of Rush tribute albums from the Magna Carta label. While the contributors are not rock heavyweights or household names, they do a nice job covering some of the most recognizable tracks in the Rush catalog.

Some of the vocalists try to do their best Geddy Lee imitations, which turns out fair at best, I must say. Well, there is nothing like the real deal; however, I must give the nod to this group of fine musicians, they give it their all and make this an enjoyable tribute. Realistically, the 1996 tribute Working Man is a much better tribute in many ways. The difference is that the artists that paid tribute to the band in 1996 did not try to sound like Geddy, they do each song in their own voice without forcing anything, and they sound great doing it. The music is much more prog oriented and rockin' as well. They should have left well enough alone and stopped with the first tribute.

I would have to say only the fanatical fan would want this in their collection, although that type of listener is liable to tear this CD to shreds with criticism. I would have to cite the musicianship as memorable and the vocals leaving much to be desired.

In the end, it was all great fun and a good listen but I found myself reaching for Working Man again.

Distant Early Warning / Lakeside Park / Limelight / Subdivisions / Different Strings / Tom Sawyer / Bastille Day / A Farewell To Kings / Spirit Of Radio / Didacts And Narpets / 2112 Overture/Temples Of Syrinx

Randy Jackson - lead vocals (1, 4, 8)
Daniel J. - guitar solo (1, 2)
Sebastian Bach - lead vocals (2, 6)
Kip Winger - lead vocals (3, 9)
Andreas Kisser - guitar solo (3, 8)
Dominic Cifarelli - guitar solo (4), guitar (6)
Robert Berry - lead vocals, guitar solo (5); keyboards (all)
Jeff Feldman - keyboards (all)
Jani Lane - lead vocals (7, 11)
Dave Brooks - vocals (7, 11)
Alex Skolnick - guitar solo (7)
Jeff Stinco - guitar solo (9)
Mike Mangini - drums (all)
Vinnie Moore - guitar solo (11), rhythm guitar (all)
Stu Hamm - bass (all)
Trent Gardner - keyboards


Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin VA

Added: March 29th 2005
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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