Schenker Pattison Summit - The Endless Jam Continues

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Mascot Records
Catalog Number: M 7108 2
Format: CD
Total Time: 65:53:00

Don't be fooled by the album's title here, as this doesn't concern a real "jam." In fact, when I hear the name "jam" I think of a bunch of musicians getting together not knowing what will come out of their respective instruments. This can result in sheer genius, although it can also deliver some bad tunes. In this case, however, Michael Schenker and Davey Pattison deliver a second album (hence "continues") of rock classics. It's like a greatest hits compilation of rock classics if you wish, executed by a very tight four piece. With songs by immortal acts such as Bad Company, George Harrison, Robin Trower, Cream and Traffic to name but five, these eleven songs remain close to the original although obviously the timbre of Pattison's voice adds another dimension as well as the firework guitar solos from ex-Scorpions and ex-UFO axeman Michael Schenker.

After having been enlisted by such greats as Ronnie Montrose to take part in his Gamma project as well as working with Robin Trower, Scotsman Davey has all the necessary features to make him a great rock singer. Having none other than Aynsley Dunbar (UFO, Journey, Starship, Whitesnake) on drums and Tim Bogert (Cactus, Jeff Beck) on bass you can rightly speak of a classic album filled with classic tracks by some ace classic rock musicians. Bad Company's "Rock Steady" is nearly as impressive as Paul Rodgers' attempt. The standout track to highlight Schenker's talent surely has to be "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Here his guitar not only weeps but also howls, cries, gets wild, you name it, it's there. What I like throughout this album is that it has this authentic seventies hard rock feel all over. As a guy who grew up in the seventies, it's like reliving all those wonderful moments over and over again. Not only rock is included here as "Too Rolling Stoned" offers a healthy dose of pure blues, something our friend Pattison can easily tackle having released his very own blues album Mississipi Nights. It's singalong time with Eric Clapton's legendary "Layla" and boogie along with the blues rock slice of "The Hunter." Maybe a strange inclusion is The Temptations' "I'm Losing You," although not so strange if you know this track also featured on the Ecology album by Rare Earth. From the same soul background comes "I Don't Need No Doctor," as originally written by Ashford and Simpson, which again is given the rock treatment here.

Pulled from the 1969 album Goodbye Cream by the legendary power trio Cream, "Badge" is a rare combination of the writing skills of Eric Clapton and his lifelong friend George Harrison. The version included here remains loyal and close to the original. With the slight Southern rock feel of "Dear Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic and the country blues of Willie Dixon's "Wang Dan Doodle," the album comes to an end. In fact, as you listen to this album it strikes me that this CD could well be like a perfect party album if you throw a party for a bunch of rock lovers. I can see everyone having a great time, drinking beers, having a couple of snacks and you as a host not having to change music all the time. Together with the previously released The Endless Jam this new Schenker Pattison Summit release surely is a pleasant ride through rock country and beyond.

Rock Steady / While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Too Rolling Stoned / Layla / I'm Losing You / The Hunter / Badge / I Don't Need No Doctor / Dear Mr. Fantasy / Wang Dang Doodle / I'd Love To Change The World

Michael Schenker?- guitars
Davey Pattison?- lead vocals
Aynsley Dunbar - drums
Tim Bogert - bass

The Endless Jam
The Endless Jam Continues (2005)

Genre: Various Genres

Origin VA

Added: March 29th 2005
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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