RPWL - World Through My Eyes

Year of Release: 2005
Label: SPV
Catalog Number: SPV 085-40742
Format: CD
Total Time: 70:51:00

Yogi and his mates have done it again: they have released an album that everyone raves about. Although the last album dates back two years ago, the last official studio album was released in 2002. So after 3 years they are back with an amazing album, which once again shows their bond with Pink Floyd, but on the other hand presents an RPWL that has moved in another direction.

World Through My Eyes is a very atmospheric album, sometimes borderline pop, which makes several songs very suitable for airplay on the radio. Yet they still are 100% progressive and true to their roots. The Pink Floyd influences are very subtly mixed in the music. But what you will hear when you listen to the album, is the influence the Indian culture had on Lang, as this is not just present in the music, but also in the lyrics. In this respect, lyrically the new RPWL is all about spirituality, or rather, the lack of it in this world.

From start to end, the album is plain fantastic to listen to and they give me the same feeling as I would listen to Floyd?s Wish You Were Here. Kudos to the band for their very good songwriting. It is evident the band took their time to work out everything. Next to the (analogue) keyboards, the guitar sound is very present at the album. And one guest vocalist: Ray Wilson. His vocals on "Roses" are no less than a treat, as he adds a lot of depth and emotion to the song: loneliness, being lost in the mass. Although I love every song on the album, this is my favourite.

Listening to World Through My Eyes is a very satisfying experience, both for ears and mind: beautiful music and well thought of lyrics. These German musicians have grown tremendously since the release of their debut album and it will be hard for others to come even close to this high quality music. A tip: if you want the best experience in listening to RPWL, make sure you get the SACD, which offers the album in 5.1 and includes a bonus track. Well, what else can I say more? This is one of my favourites for 2005 already.

Sleep (7:10) / Start The Fire (5:06) / Everything Was Not Enough (8:42) / Roses (5:39) / 3 Lights (7:30) / Sea-Nature (8:10) / Day On My Pillow (4:22) / World Through My Eyes (10:04) / Wasted Land (4:52) / Bound To Reach The End (6:39)

Yogi Lang - vocals, keys
Stephan Ebner - bass
Kalle Wallner - guitar
Manfred M?ller - drums

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin DE

Added: March 29th 2005
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
Artist website: www.rpwl.net
Hits: 977
Language: english


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