Symphony X - Live On The Edge Of Forever

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Inside Out Music America
Catalog Number: SPV 089-41722 IOMCD091
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:01:04

The band that keeps getting bigger is back - with a brand new double live album recorded on their most recent European tour.

The majestic nature of Symphony X sounds just as good "live" as in studio. Similar in nature to Dream Theater, in that their live performance is geared more towards perfection, which is no mean feat considering the music they are performing. Musically, they manage to remain very studio-like on stage, but they do include interludes, chants, breaks, and ad libbing, so it doesn't sound like it's coming straight from a studio disc.

For the musically conscious of you out there, there may indeed be a few deficiencies on the album, mainly in the speed/tempo of the songs, although they manage to transform their classical, symphonic, and progressive music very well live with a sound heavier and more aggressive live than on CD. In fact, the light and dark movement between the classical pieces and the metal heaviness is one of the attractions of hearing Symphony X live. Of course, Michael Romeo (g) is as amazing as he is blindingly agile. Michael Pinella (k) is in the fore, especially on keyboard driven numbers like "Communion And The Oracle." Drummer Jason Rullo is often a little drowned out by the other musos but his performance can't be faulted - more of a recording problem. For those of us with non-musician ears (that would be me), sit back and enjoy an energetic performance from Symphony X. Russell Allen is in top form showcasing his vocal talents. He is so crystal clear and it sounds as if he is also exciting and energetic to watch. He ab libs and involves the crowd which is always an important factor at a live gig. His live voice is a little different from his studio voice and there is a vibrancy that just energises this performance.

To be honest, each song is as good as the previous and I'm glad that the band decided to extend this to a double release disc. It would be unfair to pick out specific tracks as they are all performed with love and faultlessness. Once again, the only criticism is why, oh why, didn't they include anything from The Damnation Game. I know they weren't happy with the original one-disc live CD that basically was V - The New Mythology Suite but to not include songs from their self-titled disc and from The Damnation Game is a tragedy.

Symphony X manages to captivate live as well as in the studio. Their brilliant musicianship, their versatile vocalist, and their mesmerising music keeps this 110 minute Symphony X experience just that - an experience.

When released by InsideOut Music America - now defunct - the cat no was: IOMACD 2030

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Side One: Prelude (1:40) / Evolution (The Grand Design) (5:18) / Fallen/Transcendence (6:30) / Communion And The Oracle (7:39) / The Bird-Serpent War (3:39) / On the Breath Of Poseidon (5:09) / Egypt (7:05) / The Death Of Balance/Candlelight Fantasia (5:52) / The Eyes of Medusa (4:32)

Side Two: Smoke And Mirrors (6:36) / Church Of The Machine (7:21) / Through The Looking Glass (14:09) / Of Sins And Shadows (7:22) / Sea Of Lies (4:05) / The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (19:54)

Russell Allen - vocals
Michael Romeo - guitars
Michael Pinnella - keyboards
Jason Rullo - drums
Michael LePond - bass

Symphony X (1994)
The Damnation Game (1995)
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (1997)
Twilight In Olympus (1998)
V - The New Mythology Suite (2000)
Live On The Edge Of Forever (2001)
The Odyssey (2002)
Paradise Lost (2007)
Iconoclast (2011)
Underworld (2015)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: February 20th 2005
Reviewer: Gary Carson
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Language: english


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