Time Curve Symmetry - Vagrants

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 29:49:00

This is without doubt one of the most interesting bands to come out of France in a while. Time Curve Symmetry is a 6-piece progressive metal band and Vagrants is their debut demo CD.

On Vagrants we are offered a nice portion of crunchy complex progressive metal. Bands like Symphony X and Eldritch come to mind. The guitars are heavy and crunchy, beautifully backed up by great varied keys. The mid-ranged vocalist has weak link here, varying from clean vox to a more aggressive approach. He does a decent job on the clean vocals stuff, but unfortunately, he comes too short on the aggressive parts, which hopefully will sound more convincing on a studio CD. The ensemble of bass, dual guitar and keys are very good and there are tons of cool passages, time changes and themes to be discovered here. Even the atmospheric moments or interludes sound great.

The musicianship is obviously of high quality and the band clearly have what it takes to make great songs and progressive parts. The songwriting and arrangements are very good, but the production doesn't do justice to the music. For a demo CD the sound is OK, but I'm really curious how this would sound with a major production.

Fans of crunchy prog metal will probably like this one and I urge you to keep an eye on this band. With a better production, some final polishing of the songs and better vocals, this band will kick major ass. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope to see this band signed soon. Their music is too good to be forgotten.

[This review originally appeared May 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Intro To Shadows Of Freemen / Shadows Of Freemen / Of Dreams And Nightmares / Last Flight / Own Private Enemy / Intro To The Name Upon My Lips / The Name Upon My Lips

Darko Miljkovic - drums
Pierra Ribot - guitars
Laurent Pegoraro - guitars
David Scheurer - vocals
Xavier Perrodon - keyboards

Vagrants (demo) (1999
'Calling the Wrong Name' (single) (2001)
The Tidal Waves Of Time Against (demo) (2002)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin FR

Added: March 29th 2005
Reviewer: Bjørnar Bevolden
Artist website: tcs.free.fr
Hits: 1541
Language: english


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