Wolf - Black Wings

Year of Release: 2002
Label: No Fashion Records
Catalog Number: NFR055CD
Format: CD
Total Time: 44:20:00

With Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band) releasing Black Wings it's apparent that they have already ran out of musical ideas, inspiration, and direction.

Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band), if you hadn't guessed, copies Iron Maiden. Now, if you're going to rip off Maiden, then at least put some imagination and creativity into it. When Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band) perform it, it's annoying. And this annoyance lasts for 45 minutes. In fact Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band) sound like a 70s band mixed with Iron Maiden and Steel Prophet. Wolf's (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band) vocalist Niklas Olsson (who doesn't sound like any Iron Maiden vocalist) sings in the same repetitive nature throughout this thankfully short CD. He sounds like a Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band) being put through a blender. In fact, he sounds like Rick Mythiasin from Steel Prophet. Only worse. I admit I did enjoy his vocals on the opening track "Night Stalker" but the other 8 tracks repeat what he did on this track. The production is, for the most, sound, but the music is bothersome. If I hear "Venom" one more time I think I'll kill myself.

I have listened to Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band) a number of times and I find it hard to make it through the whole thing. One more listen and I may in fact turn me into a Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band). In fact, keep me away from any animal park or zoo. After "Demon Bell" (track 2) it is clear that the band have run out of ideas. Sorry, the band doesn't have any new ideas. My mistake, I heard an original note on "A World Bewitched." Do'h, it was just the vocalist trying to imitate Rob Halford. Who is not from Iron Maiden.

This Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band) deserves to be put to sleep. Permanently. WOOF! 400 words for Wolf (a bad Iron Maiden copycat band) when I could have just written three - this is shit.

P.S. If you thought my review was annoying, just buy this CD.

[This review originally appeared at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Night Stalker / Demon Bell / I Am The Devil / Venom / A World Bewitched / The Curse / Unholy Night / Genocide / A Dangerous Meeting

Niklas Olsson - vocals
Johan B?low - guitars
Mikael Goding - bass
Daniel Bergkvist - drums

Wolf (2000)
Moonlight (ep) (2001)
Black Wings (2002)
Evil Star (2004)

Genre: Traditional Metal

Origin SE

Added: March 29th 2005
Reviewer: Gary Carson
Artist website: www.wolf.nu
Hits: 1445
Language: english


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