Subspace Radio - Subspace Radio

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Self-released
Catalog Number: SU 01
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:00:00

Don't be mistaken by the name here. It's not because the word space features in the band's name that you should expect yet another bunch of Hawkwind trippers. As it stands, two of these Finnish musicians have been together for a number of years under the name of Starfish, delivering what they call prog-influenced pop. As always, it remains rather difficult to put a certain label on this band, to compare it with existing colleagues. "Confrontation" contains some of the magic of Swedish neighbours Cross whilst meanwhile incorporating the stength of say The Urbane. Previously, "The Enemy" very much sounds like authentic Rush to my ears. Especially the power coming from the blend between guitar, bass and drums is reminiscent of the material from our beloved Canadian friends.

Vocalist Jarkko now and again has some difficulties reaching those ultimate high notes, as can be heard during certain parts of "Timeline." He makes up for it with his superb bass lines though! Where structure is concerned, "The Clans" could well be a long forgotten U2 track. Even the guitar sound gets close to the unique sound of The Edge at times. Another highlight to me is the final part of the lengthy "Home," which is very energetic and filled with tons of loud guitars. The spacey synths right at the very end are exactly the same as at the very beginning of this album, so if you push the repeat button you get one long loop. At the end of this album though I still don't know what the Subspace Radio sound really is. I hear snippets of all kinds of influences with probably as a main catalyst the band's sense for melody. Although as a first effort this surely rates as promising, I'm still looking out for even more melodic structures and adventurous arrangements. So far the potential is most certainly there so all they need to do is write some mindblowing stuff together.

And because we want to give as much information as possible: Subspace radio is the speed of a radio signal (which travels at 1c nominal) through the highest level of subspace accessible for each technology level. In all cases, the maximum range for subspace radio, without signal boosting, is 22.65 light years. I'm sure we won't have to wait that long for the next album though!

Open Skies (5:36) / Timeline (5:40) / Generation (5:59) / The Enemy (5:05) / The Clans (5:51) / Confrontation (5:56) / Crystal Valley Spirits (6:07) / Home (8:42)

Max Malin - drums
Juha Mattila - guitars, vocals
Teppo Nurminen - keyboards, vocals
Jarkko Sarén - bass, lead vocals

Subspace Radio (2004)

Genre: Various Genres

Origin FI

Added: April 5th 2005
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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