Tempest - Turn Of The Wheel

Year of Release: 1996
Label: Magna Carta
Catalog Number: MA-9007-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:08:00

Perhaps the best release from Magna Carta is Tempest's Turn Of The Wheel. This is Celtic Rock with a feel of Jethro Tull and Red Jasper. There is something very real and earthy about Celtic music, both traditional and this rock/trad hybrid. Other points of reference are Gryphon, Bill Whelan's Riverdance and the music composed for Lord of The Dance, Michael Flatley's epic extravaganza. Which makes the danceability of these modern takes on the reels not surprising. Give the latter, instrumental half of "Cat in The Corner" a spin, your feet can't help but move.

This, Tempest's latest release, was produced by Robert Berry and features the keyboards of Keith Emerson on the lead off track "The Barrow Man." The band's chops are on display with the instrumental track of "Dunsmore Lassies," a merging of two Irish reels.

There are times, as well, that it is reminiscent of Kansas circa Point of Know Return.

Though musically based on traditional compositions of Irish, Scottish, and Norwegian origin, many of the lyrics were penned by lead vocalist Lief Sorbye.

So evocative of medieval times is this album, that you can almost imagine yourself among your mates, drinking ale, the smell of smoke from the hearthfire strong in your nose.

But for all the Celtic tradition here, this album also rocks. The guitar solo in the seventh track "Bonden Og Kr?ka (The Farmer and The Crow)" is notable.

There is an air of familiarity about the next track, "For The Three Of Us", especially in the violin line, but I can't quite place it.

Nice mandolin led track in "Nine Points of Roguery" which becomes violin led about halfway in, when the "Farewell to Erin" kicks in.

This is one album that has well deserved repeated listenings.

[Editor's Note: There is an article on Tempest in the Winter/Spring 1998 Progression.]

The Barrow Man (4:55) / Dunmore Lassies (3:16) / The Soul Cages (5:18) / Bogey's Bonnie Belle (7:34) / The Midnight Sun (4:14) / Winding Road (3:37) / Bonden Og Kr?ka (The Farmer And The Crow) (6:26) / For Three Of Us (3:39) / Nine Points Of Roguery (5:47) / Cat In The Corner (8:27)

Lief Sorbye - lead vocals, mandolins, octave mandolas, flute, harmonica, bodhran
Rob Wullenjohn - guitars and harmony vocals
Adolfo Lazo - drums
Jay Nania - bass
Michael Mullin - violin

Keith Emerson - keyboards (1)
Robert Berry - keyboards and harmony vocals
Jon Berger - violins and pennywhistle (2)
Chojo Jacques - violin (5, 6, 8)

Springdans (1987) (Lief Sorbye)
Bootleg (1991)
Serrated Edge (1992)
Sunken Treasures (1993)
Surfing to Mecca (1994)
Across The Borders (1994) (Sorbye)
Turn of the Wheel (1996)
To Cry You A Song - A Tribute To Jethro Tull (1996) (contrib. one track)
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Caliban (1998) (Sorbye & Michael Mullins)
10th Anniversary (1998)
1999 Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (1999) (only available through Tempest)
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15th Anniversary Collection (2004)
The Double Cross (2006)
Lief's Birthday Bash (2007)
Prime Cuts (2008
Another Dawn (2010)

Live At Karfluki Fest 2006 (DVD) (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: April 5th 1997
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.tempest-music.com
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Language: english


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