Various - The Tsunami Projekt

Year of Release: 2005
Label: n/a
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Not only does this read like a who's who in progressive rock, the material is superb and there is a lot of it to go around. While some "best of" collections merely feature one artist, this features quite a few. It's a great edition to add to your collection whether it's for disaster relief or not. However, purchasing a copy helps support this constructive cause and allows your drop(s) in the bucket. With your help and purchases by fellow fans, enough drops can eventually add up to make an ocean of difference.

The artists include Neal Morse, NDV, Izz, IQ, and get this, Rick Wakeman. This uncommon and unprecedented teamwork has not been seen since four famous progressive rock forces converged to make Transatlantic. As a fan, I'm both excited for the quality of the music and the compassion demonstrated by so many people in the community. There are a number of other projects with the same goal in mind, but this one seems to paint the broadest stroke.

The commentary in the notes says the intention was to lend a helping hand even if it's a small one. Nobody stands to gain monetarily from this project and I'm sure many out-of-pocket expenses were incurred in its creation. In the end, the motivation is purely to help others and I cannot think of a better modus operandi for such an unselfish act. Alas, excellent music has been churned out as a byproduct of empathy towards others. If you buy one or more copies, you'll be helping to make this helping hand grow. Don't pass on this project. Just make your contribution. You'll be rewarded with touching, thoughtful, and altogether terrific music.

While this features many different artists, it is quite amazing how well the music flows together. It's so seamless; you'd think each cut came from the same band. Since this project (or better yet, projekt) originated from discussions in the Spock's Beard forum, it is no wonder that these bands mimic the style and grace of Spock's Beard.

The overall highlight comes from a totally unknown artist towards the end of side one. The track is called "Hey You" and it's from Josh Sager and Mark Gollibur's band called Din Within (see related article and interview). It's easily my favorite off the album and it will eventually be part of a full release. Until it's out, my foot will be twitching on the gas pedal. Once I get the green light, I'll be all over their album.

We get many contributions from artists who are very recognizable and renowned as well. For starters, Ajalon's collaboration with Rick Wakeman is sure to be a special treat for fans of Yes. Also, what would be a Spock's Beard project without an appearance by NDV and Neal Morse? Fortunate for us all, both of them lend their talents to this majestic task.

NDV gives us an alternate version of "Looking For Answers." The lyrics and the rhythm are a little different than what's heard on Snow. It has almost a live feel to it. The bass and guitars are booming. Like Emeril the Chef would say, everything seems to be kicked up a notch. It's an interesting take on an already alluring song. Due to verses that have no correlation to the character Snow, I get the impression this was the original before it was fine-tuned for this enormously successful and celebrated concept album.

On the other end of the equation, Neal gives us something completely new. It's one of his better ballads and it can't be found on any other album. You have to wonder how he comes up with so much material. With all his projects, you would think the well has dried up by now. Instead, the faucet continues to flood with cool and refreshing waters. His submission "Tell Me Annabelle" quenches a dry mouth as good as an ice-cold glass of lemonade. To top off this frothy mug, NDV is cast to play the drums.

Continuing on, we get an alternate version of "The Wait Of It All" from Izz' Ampersand album. Instead of being performed by the boys in the band, this article is performed by Gary Sauer and Holly Anderson. "With The World Away" is another submission by Izz. This particular track, however, is performed by our gang.

"Tears Of Babylon" by Mark McCrite and Don Schiff of Rocket Scientists' fame is worthy of mention. "Ancient" by NuLLstadt is a compelling piece that sounds like a combination of Sonus Umbra and Ritual. I also like the short and clever ballad that's appropriately suited for this project called "Hold A Candle." We even get a few that take us off course for a raucous and rhythmic ride. The elusive electronica of "Schylla And Charybdis" is intriguing. The long and winding hard-rocker called "Driving Home" is similar to Big Wreck and we're still on disc number one.

When we get to the other side, Jim Harrel's "The Mean Green Sea" will be etched in your memory. IQ's "Lost In Paradise" will take you to a fantasy island and Shafe Im Elecktozaun's "Another Day" will take you back to campfire days. The hits literally go on for hours. Bonzo's "Done & Gone" embodies The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Radiant Split's "Remains The Same" will have you sleep-walking. Once you hit the couch, it will jiggle the cushions and wake you from the serenity of your slumber. "Never Forget" by the Marshall-Gray Project rolls along like the creaky old wheels of a stagecoach. Hyekevan's "I Lost" with Spock's Beard touring drummer Jimmy Keegan is a real winner. Obscenery's "On The Outside" will turn you InsideOut. Lee Abraham's "Be The Heroes" is the chocolate icing on the cake.

In other words, there is a lot of good music on this indoubtedly good double-album. The ambition and compassion of these artists is a real revelation. While one disc would have sufficed, two is twice the pleasure. It's also a testimony to the spirit and sensitivity of so many philanthropic people in the world of progressive rock. At the end of the day, there is no good reason that should keep you from getting this release. After hearing this remarkable music, I just feel fine.

Rating: 4.375/5

As of April 11 according to the website, all copies of the second run were sold out; there are no plans for future pressings - ed.

Disc One: What If... (Split Personality) / Eleven (Theory Of Everything) / Looking For Answers (NDV) / The Wait Of It All (Gary Sauer/Holly Anderson) / Tears Of Babylon (Mark McCrite and Don Schiff) / Ancient (Nullstadt) / Hold A Candle (Singularity) / Schylla & Charybdis (Abracadabra) / With The World Away (Izz) / Hope (For Amy Renee) (Radharc) / The Tower (The Lock) / Driving Home (Mellotron) / Hey You (Din Within) / To Be Continued... (ptM)

Disc Two: Episode Of Fact (Wooden Badger) / What Kind Of Love (Ajalon w/Rick Wakeman) / Tell Me Annabelle (Neal Morse) / the Mean Green Sea (Jim Harrel) / Lost In Paradise (IQ) / Another Day (Schafe Im Elektrozaun) / Done & Gone (Bonzo) / Fly Away (Open Your Eyes Nicholas) / Udu Dances (Doctor J) / Remain The Same (Radiant Split) / Never Forget (The Marshall-Gray Project) / I Lost (HyeKeven w/Jimmy Keegan) / On The Outside (Obscenery) / Be The Heroes (Lee Abraham)



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Added: April 19th 2005
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner

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