Echo Us - Echo Us

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Absolute Probability
Catalog Number: EU-003.01AP
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:11:00

In a time where the world is flooded with mediocre prog albums, there are few artists who dare to experiment with new sounds and directions, in order to expand themselves as musicians. Enter Echo Us?

Echo Us is the project of Ethan Matthews, co-founder and keyboard player of Greyhaven. This band already proved to be a band that added something to the musical spectrum, rather than regurgitate what already has been done. When Greyhaven went on hold, Matthews embarked on his own musical journey.

Echo Us is the title-less [or self-titled] album and document of this journey. It is music that is very hard to describe or label. It is electronic, touching partly an album like Erik Norlander's Seas Of Orion, but it is also a bit poppy at times. It may sound strange, but there were moments where I was reminded of the 80s synth-pop formation Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Maybe because Matthews voice is slightly similar to Holly Johnson's (FGTH's lead singer), but also musically the similarity is there. Listen to "Dreaming" and you'll hear it. Well, certainly not another copy/clone of Genesis.:)

The album touches various genres and I find it a very daring album. Although you would not really call it progressive rock, it is a very progressive album, as Matthews takes the listener to new directions and places in music and it is definitely stimulating music.

As Matthews played all instruments, don't expect to hear a live guitar or live drums. It is an entirely electronically recorded album, but this enables him to create sounds these original instruments can't create. The atmosphere on the album is mainly dark, but here and there is a pint of light, such as in "Who Loves You," which features bass player Kai Kurasawa. This song has a lighter mood.

Still, Echo Us is an unusual project and album and it may take you a while to get into it. I still have to get used to it, and I have played it quite a bit already. Fortunately on the website are several mp3 samples, so you can listen to those first, to get an impression of the music. Fans of electronic music can consider Echo Us a blind purchase. All others: be adventurous and try something totally different and highly original: listen to Echo Us?

My Sirens (2:59) / Dreaming (4:18) / Directed Study (3:39) / Her Heart's Army/White Wednesday (11:00) / Who Loves You (5:32) / To Save You (6:02) / I Radiate I (7:52) / Black Thursday (4:01) / In The Fall (3:42)

Ethan Matthews - vocals, sounddesign
Kai Kurusawa - bass (5)

Echo Us (2005)
The Tide Decides (2009)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: May 16th 2005
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
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