E.S. Posthumus - Unearthed

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Wigshop Records
Catalog Number: WS2236
Format: CD
Total Time: 56:07:00

I love moving instrumental music, the kind that rarely needs any vocal presence to do it justice or make it complete. E.S. Posthumus has an album called Unearthed that has qualities that endear me to an instrumental recording and everything it has to offer. Their music is all over TV, one of their credits is "Nara" which is the theme to Cold Case [the CBS TV crime-drama series].

With a seamless fusion of world, electronica, classical and the occasional heavenly choir to move the scenery in your mind along at a heart pumping fast pace, brothers Helmut and Franz Vonlichten take you through their own version of a cinematic surround sound experience. Well, it is not a surround sound recording but it certainly feels that way. Their powerful compositions not only fill the room you are listening to with music, they engulf every fiber of your being with color and imagery you can create for yourself while you are listening. That is the beauty and perfection of an instrumental number, it allows you the freedom to leave the planet for a bit, to forget about the dimension you are in and easily enter another one with joy without preconceived thoughts or expressions.

To hear all of this music on this CD takes away that visual element sitting in front you, that thing we call the idiot box, and lets your imagination run wild. For me that is intellectual and spiritual freedom and it is oh so wonderful. This is music for anytime or anywhere, it can fit so many different moods. I encourage you to explore the artistry of Franz and Helmut now - it will be a trip you will never forget. I have my one-way ticket so why not get yours?

I. Antissa (5:11) / II. Tikal (3:46) / III. Harappa (4:36) / IV. Ulaid (5:09 / V. Ebla (6:09) / VI. Nara (Theme To Cold Case) (4:51) / VII. Cuzco (4:02) / VIII. Nineveh (3:42) / IX. Lepcis Magna (3:27) / X. Menouthis (3:55) / XI. Estemos (5:06) / XII. Pompeii (3:40) / XIII. Isfahan (4:34)

Helmut Vonlichten
Franz Vonlichten

Unearthed (2001)

Genre: Other

Origin DE

Added: May 16th 2005
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.esposthumus.com
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Language: english


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