A Triggering Myth - The Remedy Of Abstraction

Year of Release: 2006
Label: The Laser's Edge
Catalog Number: LE1044
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Introductory note: The first track's complete title is "Now That My House Has Burned Down I Have A Beautiful View Of The Moon." For practical reasons, I will refer to it as "View Of The Moon."

Inexplicably, The Remedy Of Abstraction has been a toughie for me. Inexplicable because A Triggering Myth plays progressive rock/jazz fusion just the way I like it: complex and classically-influenced with virtuoso performances. The territory is familiar and well-explored but, thanks to A Triggering Myth's unique approach, the music isn't so easily categorized. Which may be my problem: I just can't say that "ATM sounds like (whatever)." So, keeping a tight rein on my compulsions, I'll just say that comparisons can be made, but only to establish references. The real point is this: The Remedy Of Abstraction is a great album, chock-full of marvelous progressive rock.

That Tim Drumheller and Rick Eddy are maestros of their craft has long been established. Their experience has also made them quite savvy about who gets to help realize their innovative musical creations; in this case, the feisty trio of McGill/Manring/Stevens and violin virtuoso Akihisa Tsuboy. The album is entirely instrumental, and every song reflects ATM's classical training. Each is intricate, features layered instruments and melodies, and written in distinct movements - even the brief two-minute compositions ("Rudyard's Raging Natural" and "The Last Resort"). ATM's gorgeous keyboards provide the melodic thrust ? including some spiffin' solos ? and foundation for the rest to build upon. And build they do, delivering the inspired performances required by the demanding compositions. As expected, ensemble playing abounds, particularly when Tsuboy is featured; his violin frequently augments the keyboard melodies to creating a rich, orchestral sound.

From the outset, things are never what they first seem on The Remedy Of Abstraction; the music changes rapidly, moment by moment. "View Of The Moon" starts off with a deceptive roar, featuring rapid-fire drum solos and fiery guitar runs, then settles into a mid-paced jazz-rock piece, driven by a lop-sided piano chords, popping bass notes, and Stevens' rock drumming. The title track follows, diving headlong into symphonic territory by way of Jean-Luc Ponty and showcasing Scott McGill's freeform guitar runs. "Her Softening Sorrow" opens quietly, then balances light-hearted melodies with stretches of wistfulness before building to its hopeful climax. "Not Even Wrong" features a brief ambient bridge (similar to Yes' "Awaken"), and gives Ponty and UK their due while hauling out some Hammer- and Beck-style solos. "Shakespeare's Strippers" picks up the pace, with furious arpeggios from McGill and Manring giving way to a vicious fusion attack a la Mahavishnu and Return To Forever. "The Last Resort" closes with a nifty fusion jam metamorphosing into a Saga-esque keyboard workout in the outro.

So, you die-hard prog-rock fans? The Remedy Of Abstraction is required listening, no excuses. You interested new listeners looking to find out what prog "is really all about"? The Remedy Of Abstraction is the perfect point of discovery. So what if you ? like me - don't completely get it? It's that damned good, so just Get It!

View Of The Moon (5:11) / The Remedy Of Abstraction (7:53) / Her Softening Sorrow (8:12) / Not Even Wrong (7:59) / Rudyard's Raging Natural (2:32) / Shakespeare's Strippers (4:55) / The Eisenhour Slumber (4:33) / When Emily Dickinson Learned To Lunge (8:09) / The Last Resort (2:34)

Tim Drumheller - keyboards
Rick Eddy - keyboards, acoustic guitar, poetry


Scott McGill - electric and nylon string guitars
Vic Stevens - drums, percussion
Michael Manring - bass
Akihisa Tsuboy - violin

A Triggering Myth (1990)
Twice Bitten (1993)
Between Cages (1995)
The Sin of Our Saviours (1998)
Forgiving Eden (2002)
The Remedy Of Abstraction (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: September 23rd 2006
Reviewer: David Cisco
Artist website: www.atriggeringmyth.com
Hits: 1718
Language: english


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