Achard's Morbid Feeling, Cyril - ...In Inconstancia Constans

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Lion Music
Catalog Number: LMC2105 2
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:23:00

France has always retained a mysterious role in the progressive scene of the last few years, because it seems that a lot of well-known bands have a certain amount of success there (Ark and Vanden Plas, among the others), under the shadow of the Eiffel tower. And there are also persistent rumors about a fervent local scene, even if nobody knows anything accurate in the end, because there's a certain lack of definite details. However sometimes we are lucky to have a sort of validation about these underneath talks, such as the case represented by the second album of Cyril Achard (with the added moniker of Morbid Feeling? I hadn't quite realized), a well-crafted French guitarist who has written eight tracks of sophisticated progressive. If you want some names to make parallels with, I can tell you that the songs look like a mixture of early Dream Theater (Images And Words period) and underrated prog stalwarts Echolyn. But the plain fact is that the 50 minutes of ...In Inconstancia Constans are really interesting. Maybe the only weakness I can find is that sometimes the tracks look way too complex even for the prog fan, like the song "Fallen From Grace," but there are a lot of unusual riff ideas floating around too, and that's a sure thing. However we should not focus our attention only on Cyril, the other musicians that work together with him are impressive too, and they are Patrick Peek on vocals, Eric Lebailly on drums, Franck Hermanny the bass player and Jean-Marc Layani on keys. Well, you should know that in three keyboards solos figures also the terrific play of Tony MacAlpine, and this only validates the superior technical level that is displayed here in the CD. OK Cyril, very well done work, now take a deserved pause from teaching (Cyril teaches guitar in a renowned Bordeaux' music school) and make a well-worth tour that will enable the audience to hear this brilliant music in its live interpretation.

Alone Among My Friends (5:48) / Fallen From Grace (5:44) / Empty Vow (6:39) / Fields Of Graves (6:18) / Exile Is Over (8:20) / The Deep One's (4:28) / Be My Thing (6:43) / The Lucky One (7:43)

Cyril Achard - guitar
Patrick Peek - vocals
Eric Lebailly - drums
Franck Hermanny - bass
Jean-Marc Layani - keys

Tony MacAlpine - keyboards (3, 4, 7)

Confusion (1997/2003*)
...In Inconstancia Constans (2001)
Cyril Achard Quintet - Essensuel (2003)
Cyril Achard Trio - Trace (CD/DVD) (2007)
Violencia (2010)
*remastered w/bonus tracks

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Origin FR

Added: February 23rd 2002
Reviewer: Igor Italiani
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Language: english


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