Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Eastwest Records/Elektra
Catalog Number: 62060-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 76:13:00

My initial impression of Dream Theater's Falling Into Infinity was not favorable - I found it slow and tough going. After a few listenings ... well, let's just say you could jettison the first four tracks and end up with a good album.

The problem is the first four tracks. "New Millenium," which opens the album, seems sludgy when it should kick. Both "You Not Me" and "Peruvian Skies" are songs in slow motion. And "Hollow Years", despite a pleasant opening guitar appregio, is hard to listen to. I like James LeBrie's voice, but here he sounds off key.

Of course, there are the signature vocal and guitar flights of fancy, complicated arrangements - all the Dream Theaterism are here, only this time they seem lackluster.

Granted, there are moments during the first half hour or so - a solo in the middle "Peruvian Skies" (track 3) is okay, and shows a bit more signs of life

Picking the best track from the remainder of the album, is kinda tough, many of them are good. Nods have to go to the instrumental "Hell's Kitchen" (#6), "Lines In The Sand" (#7, which features guest vocals by Doug Pinnick of King's X), and the thoughtful "Take My Pain Away."

Only "Just Let Me Breathe" returns to the dark, muddied pace of before - maybe here it is appropriate, dealing as it does with dark underbelly of the record business - see the rise and crash of Nirvana for the idea here.

So this isn't their best to date - my vote still goes to Images and Words - but, sixty percent of it is worth listening to more than once.

New Millenium (8:20) / You Not Me (4:58) / Peruvian Skies (6:43) / Hollow Years (5:53) / Burning My Soul (5:29) / Hell's Kitchen (4:16) / Lines In The Sand (12:05) / Take Away My Pain (6:03) / Just Let Me Breathe (5:28) / Anna Lee (5:51) / Trial Of Tears: I - It's Raining, II - Deep In Heaven, III - The Wasteland (13:07)

James LaBrie - lead and backing vocals
John Myung - bass and Chapman Stick
John Petrucci - guitars and backing vocals
Mike Portnoy - drums, percussion and backing vocals
Derek Sherinian - keyboards and backing vocals
Doug Pinnick (King's X) - vocals (7)

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Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: May 1st 1998
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.dreamtheater.net
Hits: 1432
Language: english


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