Riverside - Out Of Myself

Year of Release: 2004
Label: The Laser's Edge
Catalog Number: LE1039
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:11:00

Riverside was the greatest surprise in 2004 that rocked the prog world. And many people told me I should listen to it, since they thought I would like it. Unfortunately I got it really late and when I finally got it, it still took me a lot of time before I finally could share my thoughts on the album with you.

After I got it, I listened to it extensively and I have to say, I could not think of a more impressive debut album. These four guys are extremely talented and I am glad this album is available worldwide! Before the release in September 2004, the album was already available in their homeland, Poland, for about a year. Thanks to Ken Golden of The Laser's Edge, we can also enjoy it now.

It has already been said, I know, but I cannot leave it out: the album is heavily influenced by Porcupine Tree / Anathema / Opeth / OSI and breathes the same atmosphere. But the power of the album is that they do not "feel" like a copy or clone! It is Riverside you hear and not a PT or Anathema-wannabee.

I don't know if the album is a concept piece, but even if it is not, you should listen to the whole album, from start to finish. Then you hear how stunning the album is and how many different emotions there are woven into it. It has the passion and the quiet parts, but all of a sudden singer Duda bursts out in grunts and screams and the rage is set free, only to subdue again, slumbering for a new outburst. That line is also followed by Grudzinski, whose riffs range from soft and friendly, to sharp and crunchy, to heavy and thundering. I have listened to the album on a home cinema system (but then a pretty good one!) and I love the heavy bass lines that fill my living room! They truly give the songs body and together with the drums, the strong foundation and backbone.

From start to finish, Out Of Myself is a fantastic album and simply a must-have. For fans of the earlier mentioned bands, this is a blind purchase and also worth seeing live, judging by the enthusiastic reactions of those who have already seen this band live. The people that recommended this album to me were right: I love the album and I'm glad I have it.

One thing worries me, though. With the bar raised so high, what will the band do next? According to the website of the band, they are working on a new album, hopefully scheduled for late 2005, and it is said it will continue the line from this one, both lyrically and musically. So, we have to be patient, but no doubt will Out Of Myself help us to be that.

The Same River / Out Of Myself / I Believe / Reality Dream / Loose Heart / Reality Dream II / In Two Minds / The Curtain Falls / OK

Mariusz Duda - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
Piotr Grudzinski - guitar
Piotr Kozieradzki - drums
Jacek Melnicki - keyboards

Out Of Myself (2003/2004)
Voices In My Head (2005/2006)
Second Life Syndrome (2005)
Rapid Eye Movement (2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin PL

Added: May 16th 2005
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
Artist website: www.riversideband.pl
Hits: 1342
Language: english


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