Black Noodle Project - And Life Goes On...

Year of Release: 2005
Label: B-Smile Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 60:25:00

This isn't necessarily the most original CD you've ever heard, and the band certainly wears its musical influences on its sleeve. But I find myself playing it again and again, and as a reviewer who needs to spin a CD many times to understand it, write an opinion, and maybe never play it again, this is high praise indeed.

Originally formed in 2001, this French outfit's And Life Goes On... is an extremely promising debut. Yes, some songs are strongly reminiscent of Pink Floyd - some of the vocals recall Roger Waters, and you'll recognize some of the chord sequences and even some sound effects. The band makes no secret of their Floyd influences, but it would be unfair to call them derivative. Remember some of the other bands that grew from the Floyd-style of progressive music? Porcupine Tree, Mostly Autumn and RPWL spring to mind immediately, and none of those bands are still accused of stealing ideas, and none of those bands sound like Black Noodle Project. Think of these guys as a subtler and arguably more progressive version of RPWL.

The English-language singing is lightly accented and the lyrics tend to reflect the minor key of life and could do with a grammar-checker. But it's the music that caught my attention. The simple yet subtle tunes, the elegant instrumentation, the vaguely spacey sound with wonderful guitar and keyboard interplays. It is approachable, the execution and production are very clean, and most important, every song on this record develops a character of its own and has wonderful melodic hooks.

It's hard to pick any standout tunes, as I found I liked them all. "Interlude" is a pretty little 3-minute piece with just a wailing, emotional guitar and a piano and with no bass or drums. Very elegant. "Where Are U?" features an excellent cello line which adds a nice texture to a song that starts with a softly strummed guitar and simply sung tune, and never really builds up to anything more substantial - yet it is one of the nicer ballads I've heard this year. Listen for the guitar work on the aptly-named "Where Everything Is Dark" - great rhythm and riffs, wonderful warm tones, and a nice, slow, appealing solo. And the 9-minute "She Prefers Her Dreams" is an appropriate closer for the 11-song 1-hour CD. Listen for the simple, spacey motif that is repeated and reprised in different ways, with different textures, on different instruments, and with different pacing - which holds the whole piece together.

Jeremie Grima - guitars and vocals and lyrics - is the principal songwriter for the band, and has turned out a slightly derivative yet extremely enjoyable CD. Sometimes you need something soft and spacey and thoughtful and Pink-Floydian. When I need that kind of music, this is the record I'll be reaching for.

Also released by Musea Records

Time Has Passed (5:24) / Do It Alone (4:05) / Where Everything Is Dark (6:27) / Face the Truth (5:31) / Drops in the Ocean (6:18) / Interlude (2:48) / Where Are You (4:50) / Somewhere Between Here & There (5:48) / Lost (4:31) / Disappeared (5:00) / She Prefers Her Dreams (9:25)

Jeremie Grima - guitars; vocals
Matthieu Jaubert - keyboards; vocals
Arnaud Rousset - drums
Anthony Leteve - bass

Guest Artists:

Katrin Waldteufel - cello
Yogi - saxophone

Dark Smiles... (Demos) (2003)
And Life Goes On... (2005)
Play Again (2006/2009)
Eleonore (2008)
And Live Goes On...In Poland (2009)
Ready To Go (2010)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin FR

Added: June 3rd 2005
Reviewer: Duncan N Glenday
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Language: english


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