Fall Of Echoes - Red Tree

Year of Release: 2006
Label: Trinity Records and Productions
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 57:58:00

Fall Of Echoes is a new band - yet they aren't new at all. Visual Cliff, usually an all-instrumental progressive fusion band, recently recorded Freedom Within. This record had vocals, though, supplied by Orphan Project's Shane Lankford. Although the project was a success, it was far from Visual Cliff's usual musical style - so that lineup was spun off into Fall Of Echoes, with Orphan Project and Visual Cliff contributing more or less equally to the new lineup. The sound isn't new - it's essentially similar to Orphan Found and Freedom Within - but heavier, tighter, and there's more cohesion across the whole album.

Progressive hard-rock, is probably the most accurate summary. Lankford's gruff mid-range delivery dominates most sections of most songs with straightforward approachable melodies, and in a style he perfected on the two prior CDs he sang on, he makes liberal use of overdubs for multi-part vocal lines and backing chorals. This contributes to the hard-rock, almost AOR vibe, yet Rob Perez's prog roots ensure the music isn't too linear, and he retains enough complexity to keep your attention over multiple replays.

It is song-oriented with most songs running around 5 minutes The lyrics are a little abstract and indirect, yet they all have a purpose or carry a message and the overriding impression this record leaves left is the artists' sincerity. Almost every track has a religious theme - which is clearly apparent, yet not intrusive. "You Freak Me Out (Y.F.M.O.)," however, has a political theme, examining the mindset of the Muslim extremist. There's no frivolity here - this is all serious stuff, sung and played with an intensity that permeates every note. That concentrated passion is always appreciated in music, yet for their next album, the band might want to avoid a 'samey' quality that creeps into many of the songs.

The hard-edge works well, but some of the best moments on the CD are in the rare softer sections - such as the introductions to "Little Girl Lost" and the title track. In fact "Red Tree" is the standout track, featuring a pleasing, fat-sounding acoustic guitar over the hard rock, Lankford's singing is a little more laid back here, and the chorals toward the end yield a satisfying, full sound.

Despite the fact that I consider Rob and Shane to be friends, I feel comfortable giving Red Tree a solid recommendation. This is a solid, gutsy performance that deserves an audience.

Groaning / Mr.Orion / Darkness Inside / 9th Floor / Little Girl Lost / Red Tree / Land Of No Choices / You Freak Me Out / Behind My Closed Eyes / She Fits Well / While I'm Alive

Shane Lankford - vocalist/lyricist
Rob Perez - rhythm guitarist/recording engineer
Rick Mals - lead guitarist/drum composer
Bill Yost - bass guitar
Tony Corelli keyboards

Red Tree (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: October 2nd 2006
Reviewer: Duncan N Glenday
Artist website: www.fallofechoes.com
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Language: english


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