Porcupine Tree - Deadwing

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Warner/Lava
Catalog Number: 7567-93437-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 59:54:00

Porcupine Tree have firmly established themselves as a band with no boundaries on their second major label release Deadwing. From the opening synth loop of the title track, Wilson adds crunchy metallic riffs with chimey rhythms to create another PT classic. The powerful rhythm section of drummer Gavin Harrison and bassist Colin Edwards propel the song forcefully, and keyboardist Barbieri continues to add his subtle and eerie keyboard atmospheres that are essential to the band's sound. Adrian Belew makes the most of his guest appearance on this track with a wild and uninhibited solo spot that is some of his best work yet. And folks, I am only talking about the first track, there is so much more.

"Shallow" uses some heavy guitar riffing, combined with a great melody, it should receive airplay on some alternative radio. The first US single is the atmospheric piano based "Lazarus." A melancholy feel with some nice slide guitar, the song is very catchy and the melody sticks with you. "Halo" has the same effect with a more aggressive approach; the chorus has an unshakeable melody. I can see any of these songs getting airplay and having chart success, just play them, someone ? anyone!

Fans of the old Porcupine Tree may not be happy with the heavier direction, but tracks like "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here" will remind fans of the more atmospheric, psychedelic days of the band. So after five tracks, the album has been incredible, strong and consistent. "Mellotron Scratch" seems to plod along, the second half of the song has some interesting vocals but overall lacks the memorable content of the prior tracks. "Open Car" has an acoustic ending that is more intriguing than the song itself.

"Start Of Something Beautiful" rights the ship, again conjuring up the older Porcupine Tree feel - spacey, atmospheric and dark. Edwards' fuzz bass (used sparingly) just sounds cool, and the song has the perfect balance of heavy and light. These are the tracks where keyboardist Barbieri finds a way to fill the gaps with some great sounds. "Glass Arm Shattering" is another for the old Tree faithful, complete with sound effects, slide guitar and that open sound that will remind you of Pink Floyd. The updated version of "Shesmovedon" is a bonus track.

Wilson's recent fascination with the metal scene has added to Porcupine Tree's appeal without losing the bands identity. Deadwing found its way to 132 on the US Billboard album chart in its first week of release, a major victory for the band and progressive music. Wilson knows that it is important to have his music heard, let's hope that happens this time around.

Deadwing / Shallow / Lazarus / Halo / Arriving Somewhere / Mellotron Scatch / Open Car / Start Of Something Beautiful / Glass Arm Shattering

Steve Wilson - guitars, vocals, piano, keyboards, hammered dulcimer, bass
Richard Barbieri - keyboards, synths
Colin Edwin - bass
Gavin Harrison - drums, percussion


Adrian Belew - solo guitar (1, 4)
Mikael ?kerfeldt - harmony vocals, second guitar solo (5)

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: June 20th 2005
Reviewer: Eric Porter

Artist website: www.porcupinetree.com
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Language: english


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